Offshore Wind Farm to generate 4800 new jobs

ScottishPower Renewables has confirmed this weeks that current plans for a 172-turbine offshore wind farm off East Anglia will provide 4800 energy jobs.

The plans are currently being considered by the National Infrastructure and if the proposal is given the green light it could mean a massive boost of renewable energy jobs in 2021.

ScottishPower Renewables chief executive Keith Anderson said: “The more offshore wind capacity we have in the UK, the more secure our energy supplies will be. It already powers 3.5 million homes per year, and with wind around our coasts in plentiful supply, it has the potential to play an even more significant role.


“The offshore wind industry in the UK now benefits from more powerful and more efficient turbines. We have better vessels, more experience of working offshore, a healthier supply chain, a growing engineering skills base, increased capability to export our products and expertise around the globe, as well as ever increasing investment in UK infrastructure. All of these factors mean that costs are reducing quickly, and large projects are achievable.”


The newly created jobs could mean £400 million for the local economy and from the 4,800 positions created, it’s estimated that 2,900 of them will be in the East of England.


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