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Energy Transition Outlook 2023


The Transition is Underway

As the sector transforms into a decarbonised, digitalised industry, it is crucial that we ensure the talent pools are available and we have the right balance of skills and experience to deliver the projects of the future. This is why NES Fircroft once again partnered with Energy Jobline to ensure that we reached out to as many employees and employers as possible to explore this exciting topic.


Energy Transition Outlook Report 2023


Following the success of last year’s survey, this time we follow up on some of our previous themes and investigate:


If workers feel they have the skills to tackle the changing energy landscape

Do they want to move sectors? And if they have moved, how did they find the transition?

How do viewpoints differ across sectors?

How do they feel macro events (such as the Russia / Ukraine conflict) will impact the industry


The topics of “projects” and “pay” were again central themes to the results and training was frequently highlighted. The survey unveiled a clear perception that salaries are certainly going in the right direction and are offering comparable packages in many cases to the traditional energy sector. 

With this report, we hope to offer energy employers a unique insight into the current temperature of the talent landscape and how they can attract, retain and develop the expertise they need. Thank you to everyone for their participation, we trust that you will find this research of value and look forward to working with you and continuing to serve the Energy industry in the years ahead.




The Energy Transition Global Study is a global workforce analysis, focused on the entirety of the Energy sector. Over 11,000 professionals took the survey and respondents were asked a total of 25 questions.

The survey was live for three months from during 2022. To gather respondents, Energy Jobline and NES Fircroft marketed the survey to their own respective audiences via a series of email and social campaigns.





NES Fircroft discussed the survey results in depth at the Workforce of the Future event on March 6th 2023 in Houston.


Energy Workforce of the Future Summit


Energy Workforce Of The Future Summit - ALLY Energy




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