Software Engineer 4

Nashua, New Hampshire
23 Jan 2018
14 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Jacobs is one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of full-spectrum technical, professional and construction services for industrial, commercial and government organizations globally. The company employs over 74,000 people and operates in more than 40 countries around the world.

Work Scope (Duties & Responsibilities):
  • Assists in the development of requirements related documentation (such as the RTM, SRS, etc), and ensures proper process is followed.
  • Ensures requirements adhere to standards, are properly traced, reviewed and placed under the appropriate level of control.
  • Ensures proper implementation of higher level system requirements. This includes synthesis of requirements to lower implementation levels, providing design documentation, writing code to implement the design, creation and conduct of unit testing, and working with the test team to create and execute component level and other tests to verify proper implementation of requirements.
  • Creates and maintains applicable Software Design Plans, Software Development Plans, Unit Test Plans, Test Scripts with Test Data, for each appropriate application.
  • Performs technical tasks to include requirements, design, code and unit test activities. Applies and/or develops advanced technologies, scientific principles, theories and concepts in related technical disciplines or in a specialty.
  • Supports resolution of technical issues as they arise.
  • In addition to software engineering activities, supports the preparation (including briefings, metrics and status reports) and attendance of technical and managerial meetings and reviews as well as any other travel activities specified by the program.
  • With the Risk Manager, identifies, reports, and tracks team risks.
  • Assists other software engineers as requested and/or directed.
  • Leads software development efforts at the team level as directed by project management.
  • Completion of employee performance appraisals and employee counselings, if assigned the responsibilities of employee supervision.

* This list is not intended to be all-inclusive and may be expanded to include other duties and responsibilities.

Bachelor's degree in a related scientific or engineering discipline from an accredited college or university and eight (8) years of progressive experience, or a Master's degree in a related scientific or engineering discipline, and seven (7) years of progressive experience or a Ph.D degree in a related scientific or engineering discipline, and two (2) years of progressive experience.

Knowledge, skills & abilities required :

Mastery of, and skill in applying:

• software engineering principles, methods, and approaches;

• principles, methods, and procedures for designing, developing, optimizing, and integrating new and/or reusable systems components;

• infrastructure requirements, such as bandwidth and server sizing;

• and database management principles and methodologies, including data structures, data modeling, data warehousing, and transaction processing

Sufficient to:

• design, write, test, debug, and maintain software applications that meet technical and functional requirements;

• design and develop efficient and effective applications through optimal use of reusable components;

• ensure that applications comply with regulatory requirements;

• and ensure applications are consistent with the current and planned infrastructure and data environments.
  • A working knowledge of computer programming with direct experience using Visual Studio 2005/08/10, C++, C#/..NET Framework, MFC, COM/dCOM, JAVA, ASP Script, WebService, SQL Server, WPF, Win-Forms, MS Access, HTML, and/or multiprocessor software applications and distributed computer networks.
  • Use of computer systems with Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Employee must also provide programming support for nonstandard and proprietary hardware and software systems

Training & Certifications :
  • N/A

Guidelines (level of supervision required to perform):
  • Determines the most appropriate principles, practices, and methods to apply in all phases of assignments, including the approach to be taken, degree of intensity, and depth of research in management advisories.
  • Exercises resourcefulness in deviating from established methods to: modify, adapt, and/or refine broader guidelines to resolve specific complex and/or intricate issues and problems; treat specific issues or problems; research trends and patterns; develop new methods and criteria; and/or propose new policies and practices.
  • Frequently interprets regulations on own initiative, applies new methods to resolve complex and/or intricate, controversial, or unprecedented issues and problems, and resolves most of the conflicts that arise; and keeps the supervisor informed of progress and of potentially controversial matters.

Complexity of tasks/responsibilities :
  • Work involves: establishing criteria; formulating projects; assessing program effectiveness; and/or investigating/analyzing a variety of unusual conditions, problems, or issues.
  • Work affects a wide range of company activities or the activities of other organizations.
  • Work consists of broad functions and processes such as: planning and leading efforts to address issues in areas where precedents do not exist; and establishing new concepts and approaches.
  • Assignments are characterized by: exceptional breadth and intensity of effort; and often involving several activities being pursued concurrently or sequentially with the support of others within or outside the company.
  • The employee decides what needs to be done by conducting extensive investigation and analysis of largely undefined factors and conditions to determine the nature and scope of problems and to devise solutions.
  • The employee makes continuing efforts to develop new concepts, theories, or programs, or to solve problems that have previously resisted solution.

Essential Requirements:

Physical Requirements: Work is primarily sedentary. Some walking and standing may occur in the course of a normal workday in connection with travel to and from meeting and conferences. May carry light items, such as reports, data products, notebooks and laptops.

Work Environment: Cubical environment in a restricted work area.

Criticality of Attendance: Must be able to work within the shift hours of 6 am and 6 pm. With the exception of STD/LTD/FMLA & approved time off, attendance is considered essential.

Equipment and Machines: Standard office equipment and machines: personal computer, scanner, copy machine, telephone, printer, fax machine, and other office equipment including desk supplies.

Other Essential Functions:

Must be able to secure and maintain a security clearance.

Must pass drug testing.

Must be able to read and write effectively in English.

Must embrace Beyond Zero/Safety principles of Jacobs to include; adhering to safe work practices and standards while performing daily tasks, taking responsibility for own and coworkers' safekeeping and encouraging others to work safely.

Must maintain a positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner to get along with customers, clients, co-workers and management.

Must perform work activities requiring interaction, negotiating, instructing, supervising, persuading or speaking with others.

Must be able to work under supervision and respond appropriately and professionally to criticism from a supervisor.


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