LNG Project Operations Leader

17 Oct 2016
18 Nov 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

We are looking for an expert LNG Project Operations Leader for Special LNG Projects' Department in Moscow HQ of our client, independant Russian Gas Production Company.

LNG Project Operations Leader would be ensuring that the operations and maintenance specifications of the for the LNG Infrastructures of the Projects are prepared by the Projects and its contractors in accordance to the best technical principles to:

o to ensure easy and cost effective exploitation of the Projects and

o to ensure that their schedules are respected.

Job 5/2 office-based and requires full relocation to Moscow, Russia with the perspectives of 5 years at least.

  • Analyse the main technical maintenance and operation concepts of the LNG Infrastructures of theProjects.
  • Verify the operability of all designs produced by the Projects and its contractors by supervising and verifying the exploitation work flow, engineering calculations and diagrams of the installations.
  • Supervision of RAM studies, performance cycles of equipment, completion and performance tests.
  • Verification of all Operations procedures; production guidelines when required, maintenance, spare parts procedures and policies necessary for an efficient and optimally profitable exploitation of the Project installations and of their implementation.
  • Provide technical recommendations related to Operations to the LNG Projects department director and to each of the Project leaders.
  • Verify the consistency of the system of Operations procedures and main projects documents like Project Execution Plans, Logistic Plans, Waste Management Plan, Production Monitoring Plan, etc and reports is reached between the different projects of the company so that we work under a common format.
  • Prepare and monitor with the Projects an Operations risk management plan for each Project and each discipline including a mitigation plan with priorities defined and impact assessment.
  • Supervise and follow up of Proekt FEED and Detailed Engineering activities related to Operations performed by the Projects and its contractors (RDIs as well as International contractors) for any Project ensuring the quality of the deliverables.
  • Supervise and coordinate, with the Projects, activities and delivery in time of Hook-up, Commissioning and Start Up performed by contractors for the Projects.
  • Recommend and verify Operations quality assurance policies as necessary for each LNG Infrastructures of the Projects and supervise their implementation.
  • Verify that all required information are transferred to the LNG Project Control Division so that the project control and interface management can be efficiently performed.
  • Supervise that the hook-up, commissioning and start-up of the LNG Infrastructures of the Projects are performed on time, respecting the HSE criteria of the Group and with the minimum costs.
  • Verify that all required information are transferred to the Production entity by the Projects so as to enable the optimum monitoring of the production and of its quality as required by LNG and condensate buyers.
  • Verify that production is adjusted to fit to the requirements of the Marketing and Production entities of the Projects so as to enable an optimum profitable scheme of production at any Project installations.
  • Support the Projects in defining a production monitoring policy for the LNG Infrastructures of the Projects.
  • Support the Projects in adjusting cycles of offloading of LNG carriers and condensate carriers to optimize marketing schemes and maximize profitability.
  • Supervise operations of the port facilities including ice-management (BIMS, ice barriers and ice-breaker fleet) and dredging activities.
  • Provide guidance to the LNG Projects department teams and the Project teams concerning operation project monitoring and maintenance.
  • Manage directly or supervise the with the Project teams any technical personnel provided by Service Providers and contractors and used for the exploitation of the Projects.
  • Support the Projects in the preparation of a mobilization plan for each Operational technical discipline of each Project, with the Project affiliate as appropriate.
  • Promote innovations and cost reductions initiatives. Defend or reject novelties in projects with clear justifications.
  • Promote extension of localization and optimum use of our installations.
  • Manage the LNG plant exploitation knowledge and competence accumulation in the company, coordinating information data base as well as its organization and maintenance
  • Coach all employees of the LNG Project Technology Division and occasionally Project's team personnel concerning specific Exploitation/Operations technical LNG issues
  • Build a general training plan to form all necessary specialists required for the exploitations of the Projects
  • Participate to selected Project meetings: Committees or Workshops with partners of the different projects.
  • Provide access to qualified personnel or business contacts through to his own data base and experience
  • To submit a weekly report to his hierarchical superiors.

  • Over 15 years' experience in Oil and Gas Industryin LNG projects especially in Exploitation phase and if possible in Engineering, Construction phases. Management and expert positions occupied before.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skill
  • Excellent knowledge of the LNG industrial context with experience in LNG project management