NES Global Talent: Fantastic Female Contractors: Victoria Wohl


In this week's Fantastic Female Contractors blog we talk with Victoria Wohl, an Assistant Scientist, working in the Bio Domain Department (Bio Engineering and Bio Sciences). This blog series explores womens' experience in engineering as part of our commitment to celebrate and build upon diversity within the industry.

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1. What brought you into the oil and gas industry?

I graduated with Biological and Physical Sciences degree and was not completely sure where I wanted to go with it.  I was presented with an opportunity by NES that I did not know existed within the oil and gas industry. It is definitely a unique field of research within the company. I was given a lot of background about the job opportunity and became very interested.

2. What’s been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been working with new equipment in a large-scale lab environment. I've worked in a smaller lab before but have never been a part of one so extensive.  However, it has been an exciting experience to learn how everything works and being able to apply my knowledge of science to help me understand the process along the way.

3. Would you recommend your career as a career choice to other women?

Yes, I would definitely recommend my career as a career choice to other women, because I feel like I am a part of something bigger and making a difference. People genuinely care about my work and what I do to help the team. Also, there are several women who I get the privilege to work with that have been with the company for several years. They have a strong sense of leadership in their roles and I have been fortunate to be able to learn from them and have their guidance along the way. 

4. How have you found support from NES?

I've found support from NES through their exceptional service in helping me find a career path that I did not know I was capable of being in. NES went above and beyond to make sure I was presented with the right opportunities that fit my background. They have supported me since the first time I was introduced to the company and always had my best interest in mind. Finding a new job out of college can be very intimidating. However, NES has not only given me support but also confidence in myself.  I definitely would not be where I am today if it wasn't for NES and I am very grateful for that. 


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