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With the downturn of the oil and gas industry and the current abundance of recruitment staffing agencies, it’s no secret that commitment and innovation are two qualities that must be central to those that choose to stay loyal to not only their clients, but the hydrocarbons industry as a whole.

Many recruitment companies have abandoned the industry this year and many of those still working in the sector feel like they’re in “limbo” right now. Nobody can predict the return of oil and gas and very few recruitment agencies are prepared for the worst.

The oil and gas industry needs the recruitment sector, more than ever, to survive and thrive in this challenging period, to ensure oil and gas companies are being provided with recruitment solutions to take on the oil crisis.

BOSS Energy Consulting, part of the BOSS Professional Services Group, is an energy recruitment solutions provider headquartered in London. Providing the hydrocarbons industry a more flexible, tailored and overall higher quality recruitment service, BOSS Energy prides itself on a commitment to people, which is abundant in the company’s core values.

BOSS offers service to the areas of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, CIS, Asia, Americas and Canada, meaning the company operates on a global spectrum.

“Due diligence is core to our companies ethos. All our consultants are well trained in attention to detail.”

“In 2014/15 around 90% of our candidates offered a position accepted and 100% of the candidates placed in 2014-15 remain employed. 2016 is looking just as promising.”

“We offer tried and tested negotiation, candidate management per and post offer (including expatriate mobilization).”

The engineering industry, in particular, has been named one of the most affected sectors of the global skills shortage.

With their expert knowledge and determination, BOSS Energy has proven to be the recruitment company to depend on at such a time. With a widened scope of the candidate pool, they are able to offer a diverse range of professionals to their respected clients, but also advice and guidance to oil and gas professionals.

“Too often in recruitment, we forget that the core of our business is to ‘consult’.” Says Michael Johnson, Director at BOSS Energy.

“Whether advising a candidate on the best way forward with their careers or a client of the type of skills required to take their enterprise to the next level (either in an office and new global location or a specific knowledge banks that can improve their current market position) due to our global connectivity and specific locational knowledge, we are able to work from London where some of recruitment’s top talent is based and help change the future of an individual whether that be a candidate or company.”

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