Renewables Salary Guide

GETI report

Find out more information on salaries in the Renewables sector with Energy Jobline and the GETI report, the world's largest energy workforce survey, created in partnership with a leading recruitment agency, Airswift.

The renewable energy industry has grown rapidly over the last few years and as a result, salaries have also continued to improve to meet market demands. In the GETI 2017 survey delivered by Energy Jobline it showed that two-thirds of renewable energy employees expect salaries to increase over the next 12 months.

Workers in Africa (80%), Asia (82%), the Middle East (73%) and North America (67%) are all optimistic about their pay prospects. Those within Europe (51%) are less certain.

The GETI survey highlighted that a health plan (49%) is the most valued benefit among professionals, comfortably trumping bonus or commission packages (18%). Inclusive health care is the most important benefit for nearly three-quarters of renewables workers in North America (68%), whereas the figure is a third in Europe - only slightly ahead of a bonus or pension.

Janette Marx, COO of Airswift states that "While renewables might struggle to compete on a salary front, it can gain the competitive edge with its benefits. And our research shows that's at the heart of what matters most to employees. Their ability to take care of their own and their families' health outweighs their bonus. This is a real opportunity for renewables to carve out a USP as caring employers in the marketplace".


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