Master Thesis - Model Predictive Control of export cable temperature in offshore wind farms

26 Sep 2016
04 Dec 2016
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Full Time
Master Thesis - Model Predictive Control of export cable temperature in offshore wind farms Overall project description 
DONG Energy Wind Power makes use of dynamic rating for export cables of large offshore wind farms. Such design maximises cable utilisation while ensuring safe operating temperature of the conductor. In some environmental conditions, the cable may operate at full load for long periods, which could bring its conductor temperature above the design limit, typically 90o. 
It is therefore important to develop strategies to ensure proper and efficient conductor temperature control during such operating scenarios. A manual control approach, based on temperature monitoring may be employed, but automatic controllers taking into account wind, WTG status and temperature predictions may be a more optimal solution. Such a tool would require temperature sensing on the cables and accurate cable thermal modelling, as well as the predictive features mentioned above. 
Detailed project description 
Based on DONG Energy Wind Power's available wind farms and cable models, the aim of the project is to develop a model predictive controller (MPC) which ensures safe temperature values on the cable conductors based on predicted power production during high load and long duration conditions. 
The controller should be applicable and robust, and hence the estimation of the influence of model and wind forecast errors on the control performance should be performed. 
A preliminary list of the project tasks is the following 
  • review of relevant literature in cable modelling and MPC 
  • setup of simulation model for control design 
  • development of controller from a theoretical and practical perspective 
  • implementation of controller in simulation model 
  • assessment of control performance 
  • robustness analysis with sensitivity analysis or other tools 
  • report writing and presentations of results. 
You will be assisted by DONG Energy Wind Power throughout the project with industrially oriented feedback, relevant data and available tools. You will also be requested to periodically report, via presentations, to industrial supervisors and possibly also to other experts in DONG Energy Wind Power. 
Functional Area 
Electrical components and electrical Infrastructure 
Practical and theoretical study 
Number of students 
Academic level 
Master's level 
Desired Start Date
Spring 2017, the project may be preceded by a special course. 
Place of work 
Anywhere in Denmark, but you will be connected to our office in Gentofte. 
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