Light Armor Range Technician (TEMPORARY)

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland
16 Sep 2016
21 Oct 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

Jacobs is one of the nation's largest engineering and technical services companies with more than 60,000 employees worldwide. At the US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) within Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Jacobs Technology employees, along with our teammate companies Caelum, SOI, eLe, and Trident, ensure the weapons, vehicles, and equipment that the war fighter depends on are safe, effective and reliable.

Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and employment selection decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Jacobs does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of: race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by country, regional, or local law. To view the DOL's Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law poster, please click here

Job Description:

Serves as a working leader responsible for performing a variety of tasks associated with armor testing and firing programs, including setup, transporting items, operating and firing weapons ranging from small arms to large caliber, taking measurements, and clean - up. Tasks are manual and mechanical in support of testing personal protective equipment, armor, weapons, ammunition, weapon related equipment, and simulation testing. Tasks include setting up and taking down range equipment and instrumentation, clay working, preparing test items for testing; loading, firing, and unloading weapons; loading and unloading ammunition; loading equipment on and off vehicles; lifting, moving, shoving, minor rigging, etc.; cleaning weapons and equipment; and assembling and disassembling weapons and equipment. If required, must possess the appropriate license to operate tracked vehicles to and from firing positions. Performs a broad range of duties in connection with the provision of ammunition assembly, disassembly, and modification. Custom loads ammunition to include domestic and foreign, standard and nonstandard, small arms ammunition, artillery ammunition, and tank ammunition. Inspects all operating and storage areas to ensure quality control is met and maintained during assembly, disassembly, modification and all phases of testing. Operates computer equipment to maintain an ammunition inventory and a continuous audit trail of ammunition assets. Provides full range of ammunition and explosives accountability functions including: physical inventories, data input and output, compatibility storage, research, ammunition warehousing, and similar functions. Supports preparation of Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs) and participates in Hazard Analysis Working Groups (HAWGs) for test processes and modifications. Equipment Operation and Maintenance: Performs operator level maintenance on fire control systems, equipment, and related test equipment. Duties may include: repairing target fixtures, gun mounts, velocity measurement equipment, laser designators, thermal imaging systems, mount assemblies and fire control support equipment; repairing and maintaining artillery, tank systems, and infantry weapons; cleaning and lubricating gun barrels, sights, and other fire control components; testing and adjusting weapons' firing, guidance, and launch systems; and diagnosing and troubleshooting malfunctions in fire control systems, weapons, and related equipment. Provides on - the - job training, technical advice and assistance to colleagues. Performs various measurements on test items and equipment such as weights, dimensions, temperature, and clay calibration drop depth readings. Instructs employees on specific tasks and job techniques. Prepares, operates, adjusts, and maintains ammunition processing equipment such as: hydraulic presses, crimping machines, debulleting machines, resizing presses, and primer insertion/removal machines. Operates automated digital weighing equipment, remote video monitoring and recording equipment. Uses various measuring devices, gauges and explosion proof multi-meters. In addition, uses a variety of hand tools, paints, stencils, and cleaning materials. Operates forklifts up to and including 6,000 pound capacity and motor vehicles up to and including 5 ton capacity. Incumbent may work in different areas to include indoor and outdoor ranges, ammunition loading rooms, and environmental conditioning chambers. Records specific information on structured data sheets and computers for processing. Records maintenance related data to include information such as total operational test life at the time of maintenance, type of malfunction, how and when a test incident was discovered, type of action taken to correct the malfunction, level of maintenance required to repair the incident, specific description of malfunctions, parts involved and the time and steps required to repair the malfunction. Records test data from range instrumentation. Takes routine digital still images and video imagery of test operations where basic event documentation is required.


Must have 5 yrs. applicable experience firing weapons or equivalent test and evaluation range experience. Must have demonstrated leadership ability. Must possess basic computer skills, including word processing and spreadsheets.

1) Must possess an Ammunition Certification Level I with a C endorsement. This time limit may be extended by ATC's Ammo Certification Authority when organizational requirements hinder the certification process.

2) Must possess a Forklift License.

3) Must possess a clearance for unaccompanied access to AA&E within 6 months of employment. ATC's ACA may extend this time limit for individual cases where the ACA finds that a delay in the clearance process is not the responsibility of the applicant.

4) Must complete LART Training and Certification Program (13 May 2013)

Essential Functions Form:


May require sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time (up to 40%). The ability to bend, stoop, squat, crawl, crouch, kneel, reach above shoulder level and climb into or under a vehicle is required (up to 50%).Walking a minimum of 50 yards over rough terrain is required (up to 25%). The ability to push and pull as well as lift and carry up to 50 pounds is required (up to 75%).


Work environment may be inside or outside depending on the task. The ability to work in outside field conditions that include hot and cold extreme temperatures and other outdoor climatic conditions is required (up to 25%). Must be able to work in areas where only portable restroom facilities are available (up to 25%). Work environment may be fast-paced and require work under pressure to meet deadlines associated with the completion of a task. Position will require multiple task efforts. Work may require being assigned to shift work (up to 20%).


Position may require operation of computer equipment for various ongoing tasks, some of which may include the requirement to maintain an automated ammunition inventory and a continuous audit trail of ammunition assets. Use of various measuring devices, gauges and explosion proof multi-meters. Uses a variety of hand tools, paints, stencils, adhesives, cleaning materials. Fires small and medium caliber (22 caliber to 90 mm) weapons. Is familiar with technical and field manuals. The requirements include the ability to work on unprotected heights, be around moving machinery/equipment, and drive auto equipment, forklifts and other equipment as needed, operate forklifts up to and including 6,000 pound capacity and motor vehicles up to and including 5 ton capacity. Work with cameras and related equipment may be required. Must be familiar with spreadsheets and database software systems.


Attendance is critical at all times during normal duty hours. Work outside of normal duty hours, including weekends and holidays, may be required with as little as one-hour advance notice.


Must be able to communicate effectively. Must be able to obtain an interim secret security clearance in order to gain access to required areas, networks and systems within thirty (30) days of date of your offer letter. Must be able to obtain and retain a secret security clearance. Must be able to provide proof of U.S. citizenship. Must be able to obtain and retain unescorted access to work areas. May be subject to hearing tests, laser eye exam, and complete blood count. If working with depleted uranium, an Urinebioassay and Invivo lung scan may also be required. May be subject to other physicals or exams if required to wear a respirator or are designated by the COR to have other physicals due to the work area in which you are assigned. May be subject to exposure to toxic chemicals such as acetone, trichloride, Freon, denatured alcohol, paraffin wax, linseed oil, and barites. May be subject to exposure to noise, radiation, vibration, temperature extremes, lead, dusts, solvents, and fuels such as diesel and gasoline. Must be able to wear personal protective equipment as required. Must have a valid driver's license and personal transportation for the purpose of moving around the proving ground to accomplish job functions and in order to operate a rental vehicle if and when travel is required.