Seismic Data Processing Geophysicist

Saudi Arabia
26 Jan 2016
15 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
The successful candidate should possess hands-on processing experience, either with a seismic data processing contractor, or with a major oil and gas firm, with exposure to technology development. The experience is to be focused upon seismic data processing. The candidate will show past experience as an effective decision maker in land, transition zone, and marine processing, with preference given to land seismic time processing. The candidate will show evidence of having worked to implement new methods and technologies for the solution of geophysical challenges. Key challenges to have addressed will include multiples, noise (land in particular), statics, and resolution. The candidate should show experience in dealing directly with interpreters/clients, presenting work and making recommendations. The candidate should be able to show clearly his individual technical contributions, as opposed to being "part of" others' work.

Minimum Requirements
The candidate should possess a minimum of a BSc or Engineering degree in Geophysics from a recognized university.

Alternative acceptable disciplines include physics or geology, but other disciplines will be considered in conjunction with the work experience.

The candidate should possess a minimum of 10 years

Duties and Responsibilities
The candidate will have worked in a team, with preference given to those candidates with exposure to multi-discipline teams and to experience working with or supporting R&D. The candidate's experience should span multiple countries/regions, such that they can show evidence of having acquired skills covering a wide variety of settings. It would be preferred if the candidate has prior experience as an expatriate, preferably in a leadership role. Exposure to programming and software development for seismic data processing will be considered a positive addition. Formal mentoring and training experience is also to be considered, but evidence of structured training should be provided (courses given, curriculum developed, processing centers established).