Who Are Citec?

We are an international multi-discipline engineering and technical documentation partner providing industrial plant and product solutions with digital innovation from single projects to business process outsourcing.

We deliver services through global high performing expert organisation with superior quality, competence, flexibility and cost efficiency to our customers.

Sustainability is important for us. We have, for many years, worked with projects within LNG, solar, hydrogen waste to energy and more.

Sustainability at Citec

In line with Citec’s vision, we want to help our customers to achieve their strategic business and sustainability targets. This means that we should be familiar with current customers’ sustainability plans and pro-actively engage with them to accelerate their plans.

At the same time our history and strong references in working with sustainable solutions projects provides a good opportunity to look for new partners and projects. Thus, our approach is two-fold, on one hand, develop our ongoing relationships towards more sustainable solutions and on the other hand look for new opportunities to grow.

Join our global family!

We work together with our customers to resolve technical and delivery challenges – to innovate value added solutions in plant and product engineering, technical documentation and digital solutions.

Do you want to be involved in shaping the future with improved sustainability and work with us for a cleaner and better world?

Company profile type: 
Recruitment Agency
Company size: 
11-50 employees
Engineering, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Power, Renewables
Wanted occupational fields: 
Architect, Architecture, Automation, Automation Engineer, Automotive, Battery Storage, Bid, Biodiesel, Biofuels, Biogas, Biomass, Building Services, CAD, Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Chemical/Process, Chemistry, Chevron, Civil, Civil Engineering, Civil/Structural, Clean Energy, Coal Gas, Combined Cycle Gas Turbine, Combined Cycle Power Plant, Commissioning, Commissioning Manager, Compliance, Concentrated Solar Power, Construction, Construction Engineering, Construction Manager, Contract Manager, Control System Engineer, Corrosion Engineer, Design, Design Engineering, Electric, Electric Power distribution, Electrical, Electrical Engineer, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Supervisor, Electrical Technician, Electrician, Electronics Engineering, Energy, Energy Engineering, Engineering Manager, Ethanol Biofuels, Floating Liquified Natural Gas, FPSO, Gas, Gas Engineer, Graduate Nuclear, Green Energy, Health and Safety, Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE), High Voltage, HSE Director, HSE Engineer, HSE Manager, HSE Supervisor, HVAC, HVAC Engineer, Hydro, Hydroelectric power, Hydrogen, Hydrogeologist , Hydrologist, Infrastructure, Installation, Installation Manager, Instrument Engineer, Instrument Technician, Instrumentation, Lead Process Engineer, Liquified Natural Gas, LNG, Logistics, Low Carbon, Low Voltage, Machinist, Maintenance, Maintenance Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Technician, Management, Marine Energy, Materials, Mechanic, Mechanical, Mechanical Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Supervisor, Mechanical Technician, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Nuclear Decommissioning, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Power Station, Offshore, Offshore Drilling, Offshore Engineering, Offshore Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind Power, Oil, Oil and Gas, Oil Companies, Oil Rig, Oilfield, Oilfield Services, Onshore, Operations, Operations Manager, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Petroleum Engineer, Petroleum Engineering, Photovoltaic, Pipefitter, Pipeline, Piping, Piping Designer, Planning, Plant Manager, Power, Power Engineering, Power Generation, Power Plant, Power Station, Process, Process Engineer, Process Engineering, Procurement, Project Engineer, Project Engineering, Project Management, Project Planner, QA / QC, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quantity Surveying / Q.S, Recruitment, Refinery, Refining, Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Careers, Rig, Rigger, Risk Management, ROV, Safety, Safety Engineer, Site Engineer, Site Manager, Smart Energy, Solar, Solar Companies, Solar Plant, Solar power, Structural, Structural Engineering, Subsea, Subsea Engineering, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Manager, Surveying, Systems Engineering, Turbines, Warehouse Operator, Waste, Waste & Recyling, Waste to Energy, Waste Treatment, Water, Welder, Welding, Welding Inspector, Wind, Wind Farms, Wind power, Wind Turbine, Wind Turbine Engineer, Wind Turbine Technician
Wanted field of studies: 
Biology / Pharma, Business administration / Management, Chemical industry, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Design Engineering, Electrical Engineering / Electronics, Geo sciences, Health / Care management, Industrial engineering, Logistic / Production, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics / Automation, Process engineering, Visual arts / Design



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