Fluid Component Technician C

Las Cruces, New Mexico
02 Sep 2016
17 Feb 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
This is a NASA Test, Evaluation and Support contract position; it may be assigned to Jacobs Technology Inc. or a teammate company.

Must be able to apply a working technical knowledge to perform simple or routine disassembly/assembly and component repair tasks following detailed instructions, which cover virtually all procedures. Must be able to disassemble, repair, reassemble mechanical items; perform leak checks and perform hydrostatic proof testing of components, hard lines and welded assemblies to facilitate cleaning and repair. Must be able to operate laboratory, field and test equipment as needed for repair of components and test systems. Must be able to become qualified if required on the handling, disassembly, reassembly and test of flight rated components and systems. Must be able to make simple data entries in a computer scheduling system and print files. Must be able to identify replacement parts for components through manufacturer's schematics, service manuals and other technical manuals. Must be able to locate replacement parts within the Component Service Group's soft goods inventory database and shelf location. Must be able to apply knowledge of safety regulations and procedures as pertains to high-pressure gases and hazardous materials. As an employee of the White Sands Test Facility, must be willing and able to take an active role in safety, and where appropriate, in the development of safe plans of action for work being performed. Performs work and maintains work area in a neat, orderly, and safe manner. Performs related duties as required.
Applicant must demonstrate a high degree of mechanical aptitude and should possess strong working knowledge in hand and power tool usage and common fabrication techniques. Must have two (2) years' experience or equivalent related civilian or military trade school training. Within one (1) year, must be able to meet the requirements for certification/qualification, if applicable, as specified in the System for Administration, Training, and Educational Resources for NASA (SATERN). Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license (state). Must be able to pass a physical examination as determined by the White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) and Jacobs Engineering.



Position is located on a hazardous testing facility. Must be able to quickly evacuate building in the event of an emergency. Physical requirement are: extended periods of sitting, walking, standing, climbing of stairs, working in awkward positions, lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, and have the ability to access to remote structures. Specific physical requirements will be the ability to regularly life 50 lbs. and occasionally lift 75 lbs. The ability to work in confined spaces and on elevated platforms.


Position requires individual to travel to different areas on site. Indoor and outdoor tasks (at times in inclement weather). Walking on uneven terrain including paved areas, gravel/rocks, and dirt/sand is required to access various locations on the facility. Primary work area is a shop area and at times in an environmentally and contamination controlled work space. Uneven surfaces exist in office and shop areas and must be traversed. Must be able to function as a member of a team in a fast paced environment. All work must be completed in a safe manner in accordance with NASA and Company safety standards. Work may extend to laboratory, shop, or test environments.


Use of computer, calculator, printer, fax, scanner, telephone, filing cabinets, and other standard office equipment may be required to perform assigned duties. Will be expected to operate a variety of hand and power tools, including but not limited to saws, (band saws, reciprocating saws, metal-cutting abrasive disc saws, etc.), grinders, tube flaring, various types of drilling devices, compound specific gas analyzers Draeger PAC monitors), material handling and moving equipment, handheld radios.


Attendance and punctuality are essential in this highly collaborative environment. Overtime work may be required in support of test project schedules or other priority assignments as determined by management.


Must be able to communicate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization. Must work well under pressure to meet deadline requirements. Dress must be appropriate for the position and not pose a safety risk or hazard to the employee or others in accordance with NASA and Company policies. Must be able to pass a physical examination as determined by the WSTF physical examination requirements for the Job Classification. Must possess and maintain a valid driver's license (state). Must be a U.S. Citizen. Must pass a federal background investigation. Must maintain access to government owned facilities and computer systems.