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The Get Into Nuclear Story

The nuclear industry has a big problem. Increases in the demand for clean, sustainable energy and the growing need to decommission legacy facilities mean that the demand for nuclear workers has never been higher. However, with a small and ageing workforce, the industry doesn’t have enough people to deliver on its promises and needs to look outside of the sector to attract new, diverse talent.

Get Into Nuclear was created 5 years ago with this specific scenario in mind. During this time we have tried and tested the best ways to ATTRACT, ENGAGE, INFORM, SOURCE & SCREEN new-to-nuclear talent into the sector. There has never been a better time to Get Into Nuclear!


Our Social Media Channels, Nuclear LIVE Broadcasts and website attract thousands of people each month, all interested in job opportunities in the nuclear industry.


Our online chat facilities, email courses, and online community forums provide various and unique ways to engage directly with ourselves and directly with nuclear employers.


Our website provides information on the industry, nuclear technology, the wide range of jobs, and showcases the profiles of nuclear employers and training companies. We dispel the myths and change the perceptions of the whole industry. SOURCE & SCREEN We provide nuclear employers with a full recruitment service by promoting their brand and jobs, advertising, searching and receiving applications, and casting a wider net to find new-to-nuclear talent.

This is such a challenging and exciting time for the nuclear industry. We are creating a more open, inclusive and diverse sector by giving non-nuclear candidates the chance to explore and apply for nuclear jobs. We work closely with our partners The Jobs Live News Channel and Energy Jobline to bring new approaches to employment marking in the nuclear industry.

Furthermore, we provide a donation to the Inclusion and Diversity in Nuclear initiative on behalf of every client that we work with.


Types of Nuclear Jobs

The nuclear industry is not only for people wearing lab coats holding test tubes There are a vast number of roles available, requiring a wide range of skills and experience. If you meet the vetting requirements, there is a good chance there is a position for you. 

It is essential that you understand the roles, skills, qualifications, and training available to land a job in the Nuclear Industry. To help, Get Into Nuclear have compiled a list of nuclear job profiles to give you a quick overview of the breadth of career options across the nuclear industry. 

Graduates, high school students, sector jumpers, people looking to work part-time - the nuclear industry has roles for all of you AND there has never been a better time to Get Into Nuclear.



The U.K Nuclear Industry

The UK Nuclear Industry has, as you could imagine, a pretty complex landscape. However, here at Get Into Nuclear, we have provided you with links to the essential resources that will allow you to get a complete picture of the industry.

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Latest Nuclear Information and Career Advice

Get Into Nuclear run a comprehensive blog with news, information, and career advice from experts within the Nuclear industry. Hit the button below to read it.



Show Your Support

Get Into Nuclear helps individuals get into nuclear to play their part in providing a safe, secure and sustainable environment for future generations. 

If you ask us a question, we will respond; if you send us your CV, we will have a quick look over it and give you some pointers; if you want a 20-minute chat about your career options, we will happily speak to you. We will continue to operate in this way.

We are often asked by people how they can repay our help and contribute to the running of Get Into Nuclear. As such, we have made a small number of our pages available to members only.

Below is an option for you to support us over a three months period as you explore your career in nuclear.

For just £4.99 for 3 months, every month we provide you with the following:

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