Aberdeen overtakes Edinburgh as richest city

Aberdeen overtakes Edinburgh as the richest city in Scotland. Browse the latest energy news with Energy Jobline, the world's largest energy job board. We are the leading provider of energy and engineering jobs on a global spectrum.

But Glasgow remains the poorest place to live where residents struggle with the lowest spending power in Scotland, a Scottish Parliament report has found.

And Scotland is still lagging behind the UK generally in terms of spending power, according to the Disposable Household Income 2013 report.

Aberdeen is now the wealthiest city in Scotland. Picture: TSPL

The average Scot has disposable income – defined as the money available after tax and National Insurance contributions – of £17,039 a year, which is £500 down on the UK wide picture, although the gap is closing.

People in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire enjoy annual average spending of £20,159, compared with £20,083 in Edinburgh. In Glasgow, the figure was £14,927.

“Since 2007 the gap between Edinburgh and Aberdeen has been narrowing with Aberdeen seeing, on average, higher growth than Edinburgh,” the report by Scottish Parliament researchers states.

“Aberdeen has now overtaken Edinburgh as the area with the highest level of disposable income per head.

“This is the first time Edinburgh has not had the highest level of disposable income per head since the series began in 1997.”

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