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There is a growing number of opportunities for wind turbine technicians worldwide. Wind Turbine Technicians make up a large proportion of wind farm jobs in the UK and Worldwide.

Wind Turbine Jobs

Working as a wind turbine technician does involve extensive training but the rewards and opportunities to work globally continue to attract many people to this growing industry . Training generally covers all aspects of the technology from design, construction, maintenance and safety aspects concerned with working as a turbine technician. 

Wind turbine technicians are responsible for keeping wind turbine equipment safe and maintaining everything runs smoothly either onshore or offshore. Their work involves maintaining, testing and repairing mechanical and electrical equipment and monitoring daily performance. 

Careers within the wind industry are continuing to attract energy industry professionals looking for new opportunities or a potential career change. The creation of new renewable energy jobs, particularly within the wind sector is appealing to other professionals working in the oil and gas and power industries.

With continued pressure to combat carbon emissions and improvements in technology, the demand for new turbine technicians worldwide is likely to continue.


Q. How do I become a wind turbine technician?

Typically, individuals will have an engineering background with some wind farm experience. Other industry experience within other energy sectors will also be considered. The most popular route is to achieve a qualification in mechanical, electrical engineering subject through a higher national diploma or Higher National Certificate or a City and Guilds Qualification. It is also possible to take a Modern Apprenticeship (MA) in Wind Turbine Operation/Maintenance or Wind Turbine Installation. To work offshore you will need additional courses in Offshore Survival, Basic Offshore Safety (BOSIET).

Q. Where are the jobs for wind turbine technicians?

The opportunity to travel and work in a range of environments is possible within the wind industry. There are a great range of wind farm jobs in the UK and wind turbine jobs in Scotland. Energy Jobline works with a range of companies offering wind turbine jobs across Europe, Australia, Canada and USA.

Q. What can I earn as a wind turbine technician?

Starting salaries for wind turbine technicians start around £24,000 a year which will generally rise to between £30,000 and £35,000 a year with further experience. Some employers may offer additional benefits such as travel allowance, and a bonus and company pension scheme.

Q. What types of companies can I work for as a wind turbine technician?

Usual employers include wind turbine manufacturers and companies working in developing, constructing and operating both onshore and offshore wind farms. Energy Jobline works with some of the leading wind industry employers including Vestas, Enercon and EDF Energy.


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