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Geologists study earth processes such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions to survey land and draw up safe building plans.

Typical employers of geology graduates include the oil, gas and petroleum sector, the groundwater industry, environmental consultancies, civil engineering, and construction companies.

Find out more about working in the geology sector by visiting the National Geological Society.


Geology Jobs List


Well Site Geologist

A well site geologist studies and classifies rock cuttings from oil and gas wells in order to determine how drilling should be started and how it should proceed. They use specialised tests, core samples and rock-cutting data to build up knowledge of the structure being drilled.

They are experienced geologists, deciding when tests should be carried out and, ultimately, when to stop drilling. They send reports and logs of completed drilling to the operations geologist and offer advice to oil company representatives.


Production Geologist

The production geologist is responsible for understanding the geological framework of the reservoir and creating a representation of it, typically using computer software.


Operations Geologist Jobs

Operations geologists are experienced geologists who usually work from an oil and gas operator's office. They are involved in all stages of the development of a well, including identification of potential locations to drill and assisting the drilling team with work associated with the oil well. 


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