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Thanks to new technological advancements and reductions in costs, the renewable sector is becoming increasingly more competitive, and various successes are enabling the industry to keep up with its predecessors, such as coal, nuclear and gas. 

In particular, the wind sector has heavily contributed to the tremendous growth of the renewable energy industry in 2017. 


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Case Study

We caught up with Jacques Volkwyn on what it's like to work on a wind farm. Jacques said: "I love my job because I get to work outside and I have the best view from my "office" (wind turbine). 

Here's a snap of Jacques at work!



Leading EU Wind Power Countries

  • Germany (79,800 GWh)
  • Spain (50,157 GWh)
  • United Kingdom (37,251 GWh)
  • France (20,700 GWh)
  • Italy (17,455 GWh)
  • Sweden (14,200 GWh)
  • Denmark (12,782 GWh)

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