Drilling Jobs in the US

According to recent reports, the US oil industry will need to hire 100,000 of workers in the next three years as oil prices recover.

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Drilling consists of creating holes in the earth’s surface to bring petroleum oil hydrocarbons and gas to the surface.

There are a wide variety of drilling jobs including Drilling Engineers, Underbalanced Drillers, Directional Drillers, Horizontal Drillers, Mud Loggers, Subsea Engineers, Toolpushers, Tourpushers, Floorhands etc.

What are Drilling engineers’ mains responsibilities?

Drilling Engineers manage, plan and execute the oil and gas drilling across different terrains, on land and underwater.

Their number one priority is to produce oil or gas as safely and efficiently as possible. This includes monitoring drilling operations, forecasting quantities and costs, analysing data …


Where does a drilling engineer work?

Drilling engineers work in both the office and the field (offshore or onshore).   Flexibility with regards to travel or relocation to anywhere in the world is absolutely vital.       

What are the academic requirements?

All Engineering Graduates can apply but here is a list of the degrees that improve your chances of getting the job:

  • aeronautical engineering;
  • chemical engineering;
  • civil or structural engineering;
  • marine engineering;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • minerals engineering;
  • mining or petroleum engineering



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