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Although offshore drilling has been hotly debated for its impact on the environment, the offshore industry in the United States provides a large portion of the nation’s oil and gas supply. The most important reservoirs can be found undersea offshore from Louisiana, Texas, California, and Alaska.


What hours do oil rig employees work?

The standard pattern is two weeks on, two weeks off. Workers have more time off but in terms of hours, they actually do more than if they were working onshore.

What is offshore life like?

In general, workers are airlifted by helicopter and begin a 12-hour shift. When their shift is over, the catering personnel attend the workers’ practical needs (washing, eating, cleaning) so that drillers can relax and enjoy leisure facilities.

What aspects of the working environment should be considered when applying for an offshore position?

12-hours working day, remoteness of the location, eventual bad weather conditions, lack of privacy, separation from family members and loved ones, confined work are not appropriate for everyone.

What is the average pay on an oil rig?

It depends on the skills you have and the firm you work for but the average is £75,000.

What are the different job sections on an offshore platform?

Broadly speaking, there are four different sections: Maintenance, Marine, Drilling, and Rig Administration positions.



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