Geologist Jobs in the USA

Geologists provide science about natural hazards – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclonic storms, flood, and drought – and about natural resources we rely on.  They are vital to ecosystems and environment health as they measure and study the impacts of climate and land-use change.

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Geologists are crucial to safeguarding the US Ecosystems that are increasingly damaged by climate change, carbon footprints and waste.


What does a Geologist actually do ?

Geologists have a wide range of different activities. They prepare and study maps of the Earth, analyse geological and fossil data, collect water and soil samples,

What is the Required Education?

Bachelor’s degree at minimum; master’s degree or PhD if you contemplate doing some research and/or teaching

What is the Median Salary?

You can expect a $89,700 Median Salary.

In what areas can Geologists work?

Geologists can specialize in many different sectors including mineralogy, volcanology, hydrology, oceanography and oil and gas.


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