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Whilst the Scottish oil and gas industry has seen some incredibly trying times since the downturn began in 2014, there is still much opportunity to be had in terms of job roles. 

Decommissioning of the Brent oil fields

The Brent oil fields are currently still operational, but whether oil and gas jobs in Aberdeen increase will depend on to what extent energy giant Shell looks to decommission these fields in the future. 

Whilst the Brent Oil Fields used to be a gold mine for oil extraction, it is now becoming increasingly harder and more expensive to extract oil from this region and many oil giants are looking to diversify elsewhere, whether that be to other regions to new core markets (such as renewables). 


Despite its struggle, our own website shows that there are oil and gas jobs in Aberdeen being recruited for. The number of jobs advertised on our own in this demographic usually fluctuates between 70 and 130 at any one time.


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