Wind Turbine Technician Jobs in Spain


Thanks to the European incentives, Spain is back on the renewable track and continues to rely on the wind energy.

Wind ranks as the third source of electricity generation in the country and regularly breaks production records in Europe. Therefore, while many Spanish professionals still suffer from unemployment, an increasing number of Wind Turbine Technician Jobs are offered in Spain.

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What does a wind turbine technician work entail?

A  Wind Turbine Technician control, analyse and repair the wind turbine components. His work also consists of adjusting all electric and electronic equipment and being able to solve technical and mechanical malfunctions.


What conditions of employment can I expect?

A wind turbine technician work in different environments and under all kinds of meteorological conditions. This is why the technician should be in good shape in order to prevent injury when handling tools.


What is the average salary?

The average salary depends on the technician’s manipulative skill and on the required work but it generally ranges between 18.000€ and 24.000€ per year.


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