Graduate Nuclear Careers France


The Nuclear sector is one of France’s leading industrial asset. The industry is renowned worldwide for the quality of its engineering, the safety culture and its applied and basic research. Professionals from all parts of the world seek advice from its engineers and specialists. 

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As a result, the nuclear sector keeps attracting graduates in France even if the number remains insufficient to meet the demand. Despite the economic downturn, France’s nuclear power plants potential worldwide support recruitment of young professionals.


Why should I consider beginning my career in the French nuclear field?

  • An increasing number of countries – Eastern Europe, the UK, and India - are staking on nuclear plants to reduce their carbon emissions
  • The Nuclear reactor decommissioning industry is booming
  • Above-market starting salaries

What are the most sought-after profiles in the Nuclear Industry?

  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Methods Engineer
  • Engineer specialized in Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Insulator
  • Radiation Protection Technical


Who are France’s largest employers in the Nuclear sector?

  • Areva
  • EDF
  • CEA

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