Civil Engineering Jobs in the UK

Despite economic uncertainty, the engineering sector drives forward and generates more than 27% of GDP and an abundance of civil engineering jobs in the UK.


While consulting civil engineers design and develop projects in the built and natural environment, contracting civil engineers oversee the construction of the consulting civil engineers’ plan.

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What are a contracting civil engineer main responsibilities?

  • Organise on-site resources and schedule work
  • Communicating with the consulting team to ensure a good understanding of the project
  • Supervise construction
  • Deal with potential complaints or mishaps
  • Ensure compliance with health, safety and security requirements.


What are a consulting civil engineer main responsibilities?

  • Undertake technical and feasibility studies and site investigations
  • Resolve design and development problems
  • Schedule material and equipment purchases
  • Know how to use computer design packages for designing projects

How much does a civil engineer make?

  • The average graduate starting salary is £23,500.
  • Graduates aged over 25 with less than two years' experience earn around £26,500.
  • Those with up to five years' experience earn an average of £30,000.

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