Nuclear Engineering Jobs in Europe


Although several European countries are phasing out nuclear power, which could detrimentally affect the number of nuclear engineering jobs in Europe, others including France, the UK and Poland are working on new generation nuclear plants to cope with fluctuating fuel prices and high environmental targets. 

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Today Nuclear power plants generate almost 30% of the electricity produced in Europe and the EU promotes the highest safety standards for civilian nuclear activities.

As a result, Europe faces high demand for nuclear engineers willing to work with cutting-edge technology. With increased government support, nuclear engineering jobs in Europe should rise with the growth of the market. 



What are a nuclear engineer’s main missions?

The Nuclear Engineering sector covers a wide range of missions including designing, building, running, or decommissioning nuclear power stations. Nuclear engineers use scientific and computer models to design new ideas and interpret the data.

What field can I specialise in?

Chemical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, quality, safety, reactor, instrumentation and process engineers are few of the many parts of the nuclear engineering field.


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