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Despite a sluggish economic situation, the demand for engineers in France keeps increasing as a result of technical progress, digital and computing needs and environmental challenges.

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Although engineering covers a very broad range of activities and job positions, engineers are in charge of the conception, supervision and implementation of innovative projects.

The energy industry is a sector that holds great promise for engineers. Renewable energy, nuclear fission, oil and gas industries are looking for curious and motivated profiles concerned about energy efficiency and who have technical and technological skills.F


What areas of engineering can I work in?

  • Estimator
  • Civil
  • Safety
  • Environmental, geotechnical
  • Petroleum, oil and gas
  • Plant, Power
  • Process
  • Site
  • Software, systems

Who are the main graduates’ employers in the French Energy industry?

  • Total
  • Engie
  • EDF
  • Areva
  • Veolia


Freshly graduated engineers receive an average starting salary of around 3400 euros a month.


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