Nuclear Salary Guide

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Find out more information on salaries and benefits within the nuclear industry. In the GETI 2017 survey delivered by Energy Jobline and Airswift results showed that 6 in 10 employees expect salaries to increase compared to 4 in 10 hiring managers.

Nuclear employees value a health plan the most (62%), followed by retirement/pension package (60%).

In North America, a health plan far outweighs other benefits with 86% of the vote compared to just two-fifths of European respondents naming its top. In Europe, pensions came out as the top benefit with 57% of the vote.

Hannah Peet, Managing Director of Energy Jobline suggests that "While the nuclear sector's pay is not as high as some other competing energy sectors, it does offer more stable employment, compared to the oil and gas industry. Nuclear energy is not a commodity sold on global markets, so job security is far more solid than in the fossil fuel sector".

Peet highlights that "For some energy professionals, especially ones approaching middle age, this could be an attractive selling point when nuclear employers are hiring.

This is important because GETI data indicate that nuclear salaries are not always that high in energy sector terms. A Europe Project Manager in the power sector is paid, on average, US$75,323, compared to $66,169 in the nuclear sector.

"The nuclear industry needs to use its robust benefits offering and relative stability to its advantage".


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