Offshore Wind Jobs


Explore the latest Offshore Wind Jobs with Energy Jobline. The offshore wind sector is a relatively new industry that is rapidly developing. As a result this 'new' sector generating much interest within the recruitment and careers market. 


The UK Wind Industry

The UK is one of the leaders in the world for offshore wind generation. Nearly half of the world's offshore wind turbines are generating energy off the coastline of the UK. Wind power is essential in combating the challenges of climate change and overall energy security issues facing the UK.


Working in the Offshore Wind Sector

On average, pay within the offshore wind industry is relatively high. Average salaries for experienced offshore wind professionals can exceed £50,000 with many professionals earning in excess of £60,000. Candidates from other energy backgrounds including the oil and gas industry have made the transition to the offshore wind industry, attracted by the range of job opportunities, pay and overall benefits associated within the industry. 


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