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Search the latest Drilling Supervisor Jobs available with Energy Jobline. The Drilling Foreman/Supervisor is in charge of the drilling or workover operations on a rig. The position is responsible for coordinating and prioritizing the activities on a drill site. The position requires experience and is often held by someone who has worked their way up through the Drilling Crew.


Working as a Drilling Supervisor

A drilling supervisor works for companies that are involved in the extraction of oil. The primary responsibility of a drilling supervisor is to oversee the work of drilling operators and work very closely with management to develop operational plans. A  degree is usually not required but some employers prefer candidates with an associate's or bachelor's degree in drilling technology, mechanical engineering technology or some other associated area.

Drilling supervisors are generally employed in the mining, quarrying or extraction industries. A drilling supervisor will overseas the work and ensures that it is completed in a timely manner. Most drilling supervisor positions will involve examining drilling sites, working cooperatively with management to develop operational plans and ensuring that drilling operators and other personnel follow safety standards.

Other duties of a drilling supervisor may include traveling to oil or precious mineral sites to coordinate and prioritize activities, submitting ideas to management about how to improve performance and working with engineering staff to help develop well designs. The job duties of a drilling supervisor are rigorous and demanding and it may take years to develop core skills in drilling supervision and operations. As a result, employers search for candidates who have excellent leadership and communication skills as well as an ability to solve problems and think analytically.

It's fairly common for drilling supervisors to travel extensively or work overseas. Many oil-based drilling supervisor positions are based in the Middle East, Africa, Asia or in remote locations offshore.

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