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Solar Jobs in the Middle East

Search the latest solar jobs in the Middle East with Energy Jobline. We work with leading solar companies providing a range of solar jobs in Saudi Arabia, solar jobs in Dubai, the UAE and other popular locations within the Middle East. 

Whilst the Middle East is renowned for its booming oil and gas industry, solar energy has gradually emerged as a competing and lucrative market for the Middle East. The geographic and demographic challenges within the Middle East have made it a prime location for solar power installations.

Whilst solar may not necessarily replace the oil and gas industry, it will allow certain countries to improve their energy security and enable the export of energy.


Solar Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia relies heavily on oil for its electricity production but it faces rising domestic demand at a time when oil prices are significantly lower putting additional pressure on the government. The current domestic fuel consumption is following an unsustainable path with over three million barrels of oil used daily. 

About a third of its daily oil consumption is used to fuel power plants. Without additional sources of generation to satisfy climbing electricity demand, the share of oil consumed by electricity generation would climb.

Solar power could become a valuable source of energy in Saudi Arabia to alleviate the growing demands and low oil prices. Under current goals, renewable energy would account for 8 percent of electricity production by 2020 and 15 percent by 2030, with solar power accounting for the majority of that increase. As a result, it is predicted that there will be an increase in the development of renewable energy jobs in the Middle East.


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