Solar Jobs Australia

Solar Jobs Australia

Search the latest solar jobs in Australia with Energy Jobline today. Solar power in Australia has only really started to expand in the last few years.

Australia now has a capacity factor of 14% which accounts for 1.1% of Australia's electricity being generated from solar power. The solar industry developed rapidly during the last few years due to a combination of feed-in tariffs and mandatory renewable energy targets.


Solar Locations in Australia

Australian Capital Territory

A new 20 MWp solar power plant has recently been constructed in a rural part of the Australian Capital Territory south of Canberra. It is powered by 83,000 solar panels, and can power for 4,400 homes. It is the first solar plant facility in the Australian capital, and at the time of building the largest such plant in Australia. 

Northern Territory

There are 30 solar concentrator dishes at three locations in the Northern Territory. The solar power stations at these three remote indigenous communities in Australia's Northern Territory are constructed using Solar Systems' CS500 concentrator dish systems.

South Australia Solar Jobs

The largest solar plants in South Australia are located at Adelaide airport. Sundrop Farms solar plant has a capacity of 40MW and was completed in 2016. 


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