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As of 2014, the USA had no operational offshore wind power facilities.

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There are several projects under development The United States, has very large offshore wind energy resources so this is a potentially new sector that will develop during the next few years.

The onshore wind industry in the USA has expanded very quickly over the last few years.The capacity of wind power in the USA was nearly 75000 MW last year, just behind the total capacity of China and Europe.

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The tax benefits for wind power were extended last year which is expected to continue the increase of wind capacity and available wind jobs in the USA.

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Energy Jobline is working with a range of clients operating in the USA. We offer a range of opportunities nationwide.


Wind Jobs Texas

Energy Jobline offers a range of wind energy jobs texas. Back in 2010, Texas exceeded 10,00 MW of energy from wind farms. Texas has a total of 6327 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 781.5MW. 


Wind Jobs in California

California continues to expand its wind capacity and has doubled its capacity since 2002. Wind energy now supplies about 5% of California’s total electricity needs, or enough to power more than 400,000 households. California now ranks second nationwide in terms of capacity, behind Texas.


Wind Jobs in Oklaholma

Oklahoma is reagrded as having one of the best resources in the USA. The leading manufacturer, Begey Windpower is located in Oklahoma. There are various education and training facilities in Oklahoma offering potential routes into the wind power industry. The Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative supports the development of wind power in the state.


Wind Jobs Iowa

Over 30% of electricity now generated in Iowa comes from wind power. Its generation capacity puts it just behind Texas and California. Back in the early 80's Iowa adopted a renewable energy standard which has boosted the investment massively within the wind sector.


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