Petroleum Engineering Jobs

Petroleum Engineering Jobs

Explore the latest petroleum engineering jobs available within the oil and gas industry. We provide a range of oil and petroleum jobs with leading direct employers and recruitment agencies. Energy Jobline operates worldwide offering the latest petroleum jobs in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, petroleum jobs in Australia and many more.

Petroleum engineers are involved in essentially all stages of the oil and gas development process, from development to production. Petroleum engineers are involved in maximising hydrcarbon recovery at the most efficient cost whilst minimising or reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.


Popular Jobs in the Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Economist

Petroleum Economists jobs involve people who have great knowledge of the series of political and economic interactions related to the oil industry. Petroleum. Petroleum Economists need to be familiar with economics generally and also geopolitical history and the history of the oil industry as a whole. Petroleum Economists can work directly for oil companies, government agencies as well as private companies. 

Petroleum Surveyor

Petroleum Surveyor jobs involve people who specialize in the field of petroleum surveying, which is a field of quantity surveying, specializing in petroleum or petrochemicals.

Petroleum Marketing

Petroleum Marketer jobs include people that purchase quantities of refined fuel from refining companies either for sale to retailers or to sell directly to the users of those products.

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Working as a Petroleum Engineer

Starting salaries for petroleum engineers are generally in the region of £25,000 to £35,000. Salaries at the higher end of the scale are available to those with a relevant PhD/additional training and qualifications.These figures relate to international oil company graduate training programs salaries in smaller companies are likely to be lower. 

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