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The recent revival of the nuclear energy industry is likely to drive additional demands for nuclear expertise. The UK nuclear energy industry, in particular, requires additional skilled professionals to manage the current and potential challenges within the nuclear energy market.

Decommissioning is a vital discipline within the nuclear industry that is vital to managing the commercial and environmental challenges of this sector. Decommissioning and management of the nuclear industry is essential and the most demanding challenge that the industry is now facing. Find out more on the latest nuclear decommissioning jobs.

Power Generation The UK nuclear power sector currently accounts for approximately 18% of electrical supplied nationally. The growing demand for clean, safe and efficient energy has created a surge for new development of nuclear facilities in the UK.

Around 20% of the UK's electricity comes from nuclear power. As an employee in the nuclear industry, you might be responsible for:

  • The safe management of nuclear power production
  • Reprocessing nuclear fuels
  • Safe management of nuclear waste 
  • Decommissioning old nuclear power stations
  • Management radiological protection and safety
  • Developing new nuclear technology/plants

Your duties could include:

  • Monitoring radiation levels
  • Safe planning of nuclear waste disposal 
  • Management of nuclear safety/security
  • Supervision of nuclear technicians on site
  • finding and fixing faults and recalibrating instruments
  • Applying computer models to analyse safety and efficiency of nuclear technology

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