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Subsea is a term to refer to equipment, technology, and methods employed in marine biology, undersea geology, offshore oil and gas developments, underwater mining, and offshore wind power industries.


With some 50,000 employees, worth almost £6 billion in services and products and with over 800 companies, the UK subsea industry leads the world in experience, innovation and technology.

The UK will maintain a leading technological edge by sustaining and expanding this important business sector.


Subsea Oil and Gas

Oil and gas fields reside beneath many inland waters and offshore areas around the world, and in the oil and gas industry the term subsea relates to the exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater locations.

Under water oil field facilities are generically referred to using a subsea prefix, such as subsea wellsubsea fieldsubsea project, and subsea development.

Subsea oil field developments are usually split into Shallow water and Deepwater categories to distinguish between the different facilities and approaches that are needed.

The term shallow water or shelf is used for very shallow water depths where bottom-founded facilities like jackup drilling rigs and fixed offshore structures can be used, and where saturation diving is feasible.

Deepwater is a term often used to refer to offshore projects located in water depths greater than around 600 feet, where floating drilling vessels and floating oil platforms are used, and remotely operated underwater vehicles are required as manned diving is not practical.


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