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Marine Engineers are commonly involved in the design, build and repair of ships, boats and offshore oil and gas platforms. As a marine engineer your primary role would be to ensure their systems and machinery work effectively and safely.

You’d use your technical knowledge of naval construction, and mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering systems to work on systems and equipment in different marine industries.

If you worked in shipbuilding, boat-building and repair, you’d work to design, develop, construct and maintain ships, boats and machinery.


The UK

The UK has a strong leisure boat industry: in this field a marine engineer would help to manufacture, maintain or repair a range of craft from canal barges to super yachts.

In the offshore oil and gas industry marine engineers would design, build and operate offshore platforms, rigs, pipelines and equipment.

For marine surveying, a marine surveyor would examine ships and offshore installations and look at their seaworthiness, safety and maintenance needs.


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