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Lead Operation Engineer

Location : Paris Area (Montigny le bretonneux)  + Missions

Start Date : August 2021

Duration : 31/10/2022


Project : GTA (Grand Tortue Ahmeyim) HUB PROJECT

REF : SURFOPS -  08/21



-         Responsible of all technical / Operations aspects related to the grouting package (project schedule, logistics, design and document review, engineering, follow up constructions, vetting of the vessel, etc…)

-         Oversee the subcontractor engineering processes, deliverables and testing requirements thought the designed grout.

-         prepare the materials and services requisitions (technical specifications, SoW, MTO, TBE, Etc.) related to the grouting package.

-         Participate and provide recommendations during the risk assessment (PRA)

-         coordinates the mobilisation of the resources on board grouting vessel and oversee crewing/personnel requirements.

-         manage both vessels operations (mobilisation, demobilisation, offshore works) and various subcontractors during offshore installation campaigns.

-         act as project representative onboard the grouting vessel (Rotation 35/35)

-         Assist the project operations manager in coordinating the grouting activities along the preparation and execution phases.




-         Have experience with frameworks and offshore installation and grouting operations. (desirable).

-         speaks French and English.

-         SAP system experience highly appreciated.

-         ability to manage/interface with project discipline engineers/ ASSET department as in when required.



Lead Operation Engineer


Published on 07/21/2021

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