General Construction Manager

Hoofddorp, Netherlands
18 Oct 2018
17 Nov 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

As the Construction Manager you serve as the lead person to coordinate all activities and communication with project site areas, as well as between those areas and other locations. You will be the single point of accountability to senior management, the client and the community. You lead all assigned project management and supervising staff (e.g. Safety Manager, Quality Manager, Construction Manager / Superintendents, Engineering Manager, Contracts Manager and others. It is your responsibility to ensure all work undertaken is within approved scope boundaries and in full compliance with the requirements.
Your duties will include, but are not limited to:

- On-site management, supervision and coordination;
- Project schedule and cost control through efficient use of all construction
- Ensuring daily and weekly short-range planning is maintained down to
foreman level;
- Determining manpower levels to attain schedule milestones;
- Monitoring productivity and cost, ensuring maximum labor productivity and
cost effectiveness;
- Controlling scope changes;
- Safety ambassador; you play a vital part in the development of the safety
culture on the project.

This position provides leadership in the organization or functional area and is primarily engaged in management activities that establish the direction of a department, function, or project. The position requires the application of knowledge gained from experience and expertise to perform the principal job duties and responsibilities. The position will make decisions in areas that may impact the organization and its employees, clients, budgets, policies, procedures, work practices, or compliance programs.

• Review design scope and approach with regard to constructability and submit
recommendations for change
• Determine manpower levels to attain schedule milestones and monitor
manpower levels and craft mixes to ensure conformance with the
construction plan
• Monitor productivity and cost and implement appropriate action to maintain
maximum labor productivity and cost-effectiveness
• Control change/scope creep, ensuring that all scope changes are quickly and
properly documented and that change orders are approved prior to the
performance of work
• Implement the site safety and security procedures and project work rules
• Play an active role in the development of the safety culture on the project,
making safety a natural part of all work performed
• Assist the Site Project Manager in the overall administration of labor relations
• Manage the contractual commitments of contractors, including cost, quality,
and schedule and coordinate their field activities
• Plan and manage the project's temporary facilities
• Maintain quality of all work in accordance with the standards as specified in
the design documents
• Maintain effective construction equipment use and maintenance program
• Maintain an effective plan for the supply and control of tools and supplies
• Administer, train, and motivate all personnel in construction operations
through the superintendent and foreman levels
• Remain knowledgeable of safety policies and procedures and perform
assigned duties in a safe manner and, while supervising others, has
responsibility for their safety and confirm that they comply with established
safety policies and procedures and practice safe work habits
• Typically manage personnel and provide an environment for the development
and professional advancement of staff members, including on-the-job and
formal training and development opportunities, and timely performance
• Leverage internal and external resources to administer policies and
procedures consistently across all business lines, functions, and locations
• Analyze situations, identify and forecast pertinent problems and evaluate
realistic options; and recommend/implement appropriate course of action

Basic Job Requirements:
• Lump sum and/or g-max contract experience
• Relevant industry experience that would be preferable
could include biotechnology, industrial, data center
• Assure that all requirements and expectations of the Fluor Operating System
Requirements (OSR), appropriate Operating System Implementation plan
(OSIP), and strict adherence to other business line requirements
• Perform on-site management, supervision and coordination of all
self-performed and subcontracted work
• Execute field construction activities in conformance with project drawings,
specifications, schedules, cost estimates, procedures, quality requirements
and safety standards
• Control project schedule and cost through the efficient use of all construction
resources including manpower, materials, tools, and equipment
• Provide input for the development of project schedules in cooperation with
the construction engineers and planners
• Confirm that daily and weekly short-range planning is maintained down to the
foreman level

Other Job Requirements:
To be considered eligible for this function you need a Bachelor degree (or global equivalent) in an applicable field of study and a minimum of 10 years of related work experience and technical know-how. To be successful in this role you need to be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences, including management, coworkers, the client, contractors and vendors. You need to work efficiently under pressure, be able to attend to detail and manage work in a time conscious manner.

• Accredited four (4) year degree or global equivalent in applicable field of
study and 20 years of work-related experience or a combination of education
and directly related experience equal to 24 years if non-degreed; some
locations may have additional or different qualifications in order to comply
with local requirements
• Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not
limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and other
• Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
• Ability to learn and apply knowledge of applicable local, state/province, and
federal/national statutes and guidelines
• Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective
• Typically direct and responsible for all staff assigned to the project(s) through
direct reports typically consisting of managers and supervisors heading up
the various functions (i.e., Safety Manager, Quality Manager, Construction
Manager/Superintendents, Site Services Manager, Engineering Manager,
Contracts Manager and others as appropriate for the project(s))
• Typically serve as lead person to coordinate all activities and communication
within the site/project areas as well as between those areas and other
offices and locations
• Coordinate and implement indirect activities, internal and external, required to support a productive project execution; including functional staff support, support craft activities, and any other resource necessary to assure a safe and quality project execution
• Generally responsible to assure all work undertaken is within approved scope boundaries and is in full compliance with all pertinent requirements
• Responsibility typically includes serving as the single point of accountability to senior management, the client, and the community

Preferred Qualifications:
• Proven ability promoting outstanding customer service and client relations
• Excellent skills in interpersonal relations, conflict resolution, communication,
and leadership; possess strong presentation ability to address senior
management, client management, and total project personnel with command
• Basic computer and software skills to include the use of word processing,
e-mail, spreadsheets and electronic presentation programs
• Competency in administrative functions related to project and office
operations is important
• Functional proficiency in project controls, human relations, industrial relations,
and contract management as it applicable to assigned area of responsibility;
possess the capacity to direct those functions as required to support the
project execution while typically being well seasoned in most functions as
they apply to management of the project
• Demonstrated strong decision making, critical thinking and problem solving
skills with ability to remain calm while taking charge in critical situations

Fluor Amsterdam is part of Fluor Corporation, a leading engineering consultant with more than 60.000 employees worldwide. Fluor supports various industries, ranging from Energy & Chemicals to Power, Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Power and more. Additionally, Fluor is partial owner of several construction yards across the globe. And, we have recently acquired Stork, thereby greatly expanding our asset management capabilities. We offer strategic support to our clients across the globe 24/7, in all phases of the project life-cycle.
Fluor Amsterdam in Hoofddorp is a leading engineering consultant specialized in managing large and complex petrochemical and life sciences projects predominantly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our office culture is very diverse: we have over 30 different nationalities in a workforce of about 700 employees.

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