Store Manager

Beijing Golden Port, China
13 Oct 2018
13 Nov 2018
Contract Type
Full Time
Store Manager

  • Help drive business and maximize sales through customer service, product knowledge, merchandise presentation and promotion
  • Implement all operational policies and procedures in order to satisfy the needs of the customer while helping Tesla achieve its goals
  • Lead the interviewing and recruitment of candidates who possess the skills necessary to help achieve store goals of sales and delivery
  • Manage, train and develop a staff to consistently perform to company standards
  • Lead in the planning, implementation, and follow up of store operational tasks and projects including but not limited to outbound events and sales networking activities
  • Control store expenses, including staffing, supplies, and services
  • Adhere to processes regarding merchandise display and physical inventory
  • Experiment with and promote daily workflow efficiency improvements within local team, share proven best practices with peers and management
  • Represent Tesla in a professional and responsible manner when communicating with others both inside and outside the company
  • Your performance will be measured including but not limited to following aspect: manage a productive team of Owner Advisors who are demonstrating strong sales performance and maintaining active potential customer pipelines; manage delivery team to achieve its delivery goal, providing excellent purchasing and delivery experience for customers and handling customer complaints during purchasing and delivery process; manage a team of Product Specialists, Owner Advisors and Delivery Experience Specialists, the sales team of which actively engage and sign up potential customers, ensure excellent customer satisfaction ratings and maintain well customer relations, the delivery team of which ensure the smooth process of delivery and maintain excellent customer experience during delivery process.
  • Employee must seriously learn about the company and products related knowledge, and pass internal testing; otherwise he/she will not be able to meet the full time employee's requirement
  • Lead and develop the team with positive and professional management methods and play an active leadership role in creating positive atmosphere throughout the company.
  • Maintain clear, accurate, professional and polite communication with external clients and partners and keep well communication and teamwork(including managers and subordinates; within or across departments; Cross regions
  • Other Responsibilities: Perform other related duties as assigned, based on the business need

  • 8 years work ing experience in retail , industry and key account sales with proven track record to meet or exceed targets and goals , 3 years above team management experience;
  • Excellent business development ability and business negotiation skills;
  • Logic thinker. Sensitive to facts and sales data, excellent logic analysis ability;
  • Self-starter who possesses exceptional time management skills and has great attention to detail ;
  • Highly appreciate Tesla's startup culture and equip with a startup mentality ;
  • Able to work under pressure, ability to manage team member and meet sales target in a fast-paced working environment;
  • Exceptional self-management and self-learning ability ;
  • Ability to prioritize, manage multiple projects, and adhere to business-critical deadlines ;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills ;
  • Ability to communicate relevant information to all levels of the organization ;
  • Passionate dedication and ethical approach to sales management and operations ;
  • Team player. Ability to develop collaborative relationships and act as a well-respected, trusted partner that others want to work with ;
  • Strong knowledge and proven work experience with retail store operations and systems ;
  • Bachelor's degree or above ;


  • 通过客户服务、产品知识讲解和推广来驱动业务发展,最大程度提升销售成绩
  • 落实运营政策和流程来满足客户需求,同时帮助特斯拉达到销售目标
  • 负责面试和候选人招聘,选择合适的人才帮助达成体验店的销售和交付目标
  • 管理、培训和发展员工,帮助他们持续达成公司业绩标准
  • 负责计划、执行和跟进体验店运营任务和项目,包括但不仅限于店外市场活动及销售渠道拓展活动
  • 控制体验店成本,包括员工、供给和服务
  • 坚持按照公司流程进行产品展示和库存管理
  • 在当地团队实验并推广提高日常工作效率的方法 ,与同事及管理层分享最佳实 践
  • 在公司内外部沟通中代表特斯拉并保持专业和负责的态度
  • 你的绩效将通过并不限于以下几个方面来评估:很好的管理一个高效的销售顾问团队能力,使得团队能够达成优秀的销售成果以及维持活跃的潜在客户群体;使团队能够达成交付目标以及为客户提供良好的购买及车辆交付的体验,处理好车辆购买及交付过程中发生的客户投诉 管理产品专员、销售主管、交付专员,鼓励销售团队积极主动的与潜在客户联系;跟进所有的销售并确保客户满意,保持良好的客户关系;管理车辆交付的过程,确保客户在交付过程中的良好体验。
  • 员工须认真学习了解公司及产品的相关知识,并通过公司内部测试,否则将不能达到正式员工的标准和要求
  • 以积极正向、职业成熟的管理方式带领和培养团队,并且在整个团队中发挥积 极正向的领导作用,促进团结向上的氛围在整个公司层面的形成
  • 和外部客户、外部人员 ,保持清晰、准确、职业、礼貌的沟通和内部同事保持良好的沟通和团队协作(包括与上下级之间;同部门、跨部门;同门店、跨门店;同地区、跨地区之间)
  • 其他职责:根据业务发展需要,完成管理层指定的其他工作

  • 8年以上零售、行业销售、大客户销售经验,能够达到或超出销售目标;3年以上团队管理经验
  • 优秀的商业拓展能力和商务谈判能力
  • 对销售数据敏感,优秀的数据分析能力和逻辑分析能力
  • 自我驱动,具有出色的时间管理能力,高度关注细节
  • 认可特斯拉的创业公司文化,具备创业公司需要的心理素质
  • 抗压能力强,能够适应在高速发展的环境中开展销售管理工作,达到公司业绩 指标要求
  • 良好的自我管理能力及自我学习能力
  • 有能力同时管理多个项目,把控优先级,坚持按时达成业务目标
  • 优秀的书面和口语沟通能力
  • 优秀的和公司内外各层级人员沟通的能力
  • 采用人性化的方式热情地投入销售管理和运营
  • 具有建立合作型关系的能力,并作为一名受人尊敬和信任,他人乐于一起工作的业务伙伴
  • 在零售店运营系统方面有扎实的知识和可以证明的工作经验
  • 本科或以上学历

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