Unconventional Rig-less Drilling Completion Foreman

Saudi Arabia
23 Nov 2016
21 May 2017
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Position Description
Unconventional Rig-less Completion Foreman

Saudi Aramco, long known for its leadership in oil exploration, production, and refining, is seeking experienced professionals to join the growing Unconventional Resources exploration efforts. We have an immediate requirement for experienced Rig-less Completion Foreman with relevant unconventional expertise. Of primary interest is experience in handling operational responsibilities on critical wells. Consider the opportunity to join our team and help shape the future of the unconventional resources exploration and producing in Saudi Aramco

As the successful candidate you will be utilizing your skills to supervise field operations of land and/or offshore rig-less completion sites, either contracted or Saudi Aramco owned. You will also engage in carrying out programmed work on deep or otherwise critical unconventional wells that are deeper than 15,000 feet, are complicated by pressure above 10,000 psi, contain sour gas, are highly deviated, costing in excess of $10,000,000.

As a subject-matter expert you will have direct field responsibility for the rig-less completion activities of unconventional wells located anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its territorial waters as specified in the well completion program. Such wells may be exploratory or developmental and entail the search for or development of unconventional hydrocarbon deposits, principally oil and gas.

Minimum Requirements
As the successful candidate you will hold a High School diploma and have 15 years of experience related to rig-less completion of oil and gas wells. You will have proven job knowledge and experience to handle operational responsibilities on unconventional or HPHT critical wells


You will hold a Bachelor degree in Engineering and possess 9 years of experience related to rig-less completion of oil and gas wells. You will have proven job knowledge and experience to handle operational responsibilities on unconventional or HPHT critical wells.

**Please note that this role is field-based and candidates may be required to work in remote parts of Saudi Arabia**

Duties and Responsibilities
Perform unit level supervisory function at well locations remote to Operations headquarters on a 24 hour per day basis, 14 days on duty, 7 days off work schedule

Coordinate the timely ordering of required well materials, equipment and services according to the well program. Document the receipt, usage and transfer of Saudi Aramco supplied materials and equipment. Review service company field tickets for accuracy of services provided and associated charges

Ensure that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects, including equipment configuration, testing and crew response.

Assure that site and personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures

For jobs and sites contracted to Saudi Aramco, assure compliance with terms, conditions and equipment/personnel as specified in the contract
Provide on-the-job training to less experienced personnel assigned to the rig-less site

Responsible for the safety of rig-less site crews and contracted service personnel numbering as high as 100 people

Accountable fiscally for Saudi Aramco owned equipment and materials, timely communication with Production Operations headquarters and logistical coordination of transportation services, materials movement, well services (both Saudi Aramco and contractor supplied), water support and roads/location support

Update Upper Management on a daily basis on the flow and progress of operations.

Communicate on a daily basis with Production Engineering counterpart to provide timely update, and seek technical consultancy if needed

Communicate regularly and timely with contract service companies, including wireline, testing, coiled tubing, pumping and fracturing

Communicate on an as-needed basis supporting organizations, including, but not limited to, Loss Prevention, Environmental Protection, Drilling & Workover, Transportation & Heavy Equipment, Water Well Services, and the Wellsite Division