Safat, Kuwait
22 Nov 2016
24 Jan 2017
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Basic Function:
To safely operate Casing/Tubing Tongs, Power Units, Tubular Handling and Cleaning Equipment, JAM Services and Equipment.
Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities:
Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system, Including: a)     Active participation and contribution to specific safety initiatives in meetings.
b)    Report all hazardous and unsafe acts.
c)     Actively promote positive safety culture.
Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with the ISO9002 (where applicable) quality assurance system, Including:
a)     Compliance to work instructions.
b)    Raising corrective actions for all non-conformances.
c)     Identifying areas requiring improvement and / or audit.
Adhere to main job responsibilities:
  1. When on standby keep in contact with the service supervisor by means of telephone etc.
  1. To report at the advised customer work locations or airport, helicopter pad or shipyard at the required time and in a fit state to commence work or travel.
  1. Upon arrival at the location of work in collaboration with the assigned Crew Leader/Job Supervisor, report to the customer representative and establish details of the job to be performed.
  1. At first opportunity and in collaboration with the Crew Leader/Job Supervisor check all Weatherford service and sales items to be in satisfactory condition to fulfil the specific job requirements.
  1. To attend on location pre-job HSE meeting, if so required, on wearing Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) issued by Weatherford during the job and when required by the Customer.
  1. To follow shift arrangement and meal breaks as instructed by the Crew Leader/Job Supervisor and to carry out the assigned duties as a social member of the team.
  1. Report any operational problems, which may occur before, during and after the job to the assigned Crew Leader /Job Supervisor as soon as possible.
  1. Make recommendation for the safe execution of the job and report any unsafe acts or near miss accidents/ incidents. Attend all HSE meetings and initiate changes to existing HSE procedures or initiate new procedures.
  1. On completion of the job rig down the equipment, clean and prepare for back loading.
  1. Report any shortcoming or status of non-conformance of equipment on the Weatherford equipment fault report.
  1. If assigned as a stabber in collaboration with the crew leader, inspect the stabbing board, safety line(s) and safety points. Before commencing the job, discuss with the driller on signals and procedures to be used and repeat this each time the drilling crew changes.
  1. To attend HSE Training, equipment training and medical checks as required and  arranged by Weatherford.
  1. Accept any reasonable base duties as required.
Required Education:       High School Certificate
Required Skills:
  • Mechanical aptitude and basic understanding of Hydraulic and mechanical systems
  • QHSE procedural knowledge;
  • Good knowledge of all TRS equipment;
  • Good customer and employee interpersonal skills;
  • Good written and verbal communication skills; Working English required;
  • Basic knowledge of relevant computer software
Required Experience:
  • Weatherford 7.6-30 Tubing Tong c/w back up
  • Weatherford 5.5-15 Tubing Tong c/w back up
  • Other Makes of Tongs where applicable
  • All Diesel Power Units
  • Electric Power Units (If applicable)
  • Side Door Elevators/Single joint Elevator/Hand slips
  • 350/500 Ton spider 1 Elevator Manual and air operated stabbing guides
  • Klepo Protectors, Air Gun
  • Safety clamps
  • Tubing Drifts
  • Basic knowledge on centralizers (Assembly and mounting)
  • Basic Hydraulic Torque/Power
  • Thread connections
  • Basic Fault finding
  • Safety devices of all equipment.
  • Operations and safety checks of different types of stabbing board (Theoretical)
  • Rig up of equipment before commencement of job and all pre-job checks as required by the post service checks.