Production Associate

19 Nov 2016
08 Jun 2017
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Role synopsis
To keep unit running safely and reliably by operating one site/ DCS area of the unit from site/ control room. To conduct PPO/ TPM activities to keep the unit running at high reliability. To keep the unit in tidy and clean manner; To act as PTW issuing authority and isolation authority to support site maintenance/ project activities safe execution; To act as forward controller to support incident management in case there is an emergency.

Key accountabilities
To keep unit running smoothly by operating one area of the unit from site/ control room

• To operate one site/DCS area to keep the unit running safely and efficiently under the guidance of Lead Production Engineer
• To monitor the unit running condition by site patrol or DCS
• To trouble shoot for one area to ensure high plant reliability
• To operate the plant by following SOPs to make on-spec product
• To initiate the SOP updating in his/her area
• To share learning with operation team and other department
• To participate punchlisting of projects
• To perform shift handover activities per requirement to ensure all necessary information of the unit is properly handed over to the coming shift
• To monitor site facility status and report defects
• To report incident

To keep the unit in good shape and high reliability by a series PPO/TPM activities

• To keep the unit in a tidy by clean manner by performing necessary housekeeping activities
• To monitor process and equipment running condition on daily base and trouble shoot timely to maintain reliability
• To perform PPO (predictive & and preventive operation) and TPM activities per requirement

To act as PTW issuing authority and isolation authority to support safe execution of maintenance and project activities

• To act as PTW issuing authority per KPP requirement, to ensure site is safe to execute planned maintenance, project activities and to ensure all risk control actions on PTWs in his area in place;
• To monitor site maintenance and project activities to make sure they are executed safely
• To inspect site safety/ housekeeping status when site maintenance/ project work are closed, per requirement of AA;
• To act as isolation authority to perform isolation related activities, to make sure energy is safely isolated;

To act as forward controller in case there is an emergency

• To act as a forward controller to support incident management in case there is an emergency

Essential Education
• Technical degree majored in chemical engineering or equivalent discipline

Essential experience and job requirements
• More than three years chemical plant working experience. Continuous process working experience is preferred.
• New graduate with bachelor degree
• Basic computer and Microsoft office skill
• Fluent Chinese. Mandarin speaking is essential.
• Sound English reading and understanding is a plus.

• Clear communication
• Logical thinking
• Disciplined in following SOP and instructions
• Open minded and willing to listen, to learn
• Strong sense of team work, able to work and cooperate with diverse work individuals or groups.
• Drive for excellent result.
• Has basic economics understanding

• Awareness of hazards associated with working in a petrochemical plant;
• Ability to assess risks and apply safety procedures;
• Basic knowledge of chemical equipment such as reactors, pressure vessels, pressure piping, pumps, compressors, agitators etc.
• Basic knowledge of electricity and instrument such as motors, VFD's, transformers, motor control unit, probes, transmitters, switches, control valves, shut off valves etc.
• Basic knowledge of process controls such as DCS screens, logics, interlocks, alarms etc.
• Basic knowledge of typical processes such as agitated reaction, distillation, crystallization, solids separation, drying, powder conveying etc.
• Able to read technical drawings such as P&ID, PFD.
• Able to identify equipment and process running conditions by means of skills and simple tools
• Ability of trouble shooting

Other Requirements (e.g. Travel, Location)

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About BP
Our business is the exploration, production, refining, trading and distribution of energy. This is what we do, and we do it on a truly global scale. With a workforce of over 80,000 employees, BP operates with business activities and customers in more than 80 countries across six continents. Every day, we serve millions of customers around the world. We are continually looking for talented, committed and ambitious people to help us shape the face of energy for the future

BP has been operating in China since the early 1970s. With a total investment of US$4.7 billion at the end of 2009, BP is one of the leading foreign investors in China. BP's business activities include offshore gas production, chemical joint ventures, aviation fuel supply, LPG import and marketing, oil product and lubricant retailing, solar power installations and manufacturing, and the sales of chemicals technology.

In addition to these commercial projects, BP has been actively engaged in energy research activities, particularly clean energy and alternative energy R&D initiatives, aiming to develop clean, sustainable and local energy solutions to support the Chinese economic development. The projects we are involved in include

- Clean Energy Facing the Future - a 10-Year R&D initiative in partnership with Chinese Academy of Science
- Clean Energy Commercialization Centre, a research joint venture in Partnership with Chinese Academy of Science
- BP- Tsinghua Clean Energy Research and Education Centre
- BP-Sun Yat-Sen University Center for LNG Education, Training and Research

In parallel, BP has been working to invest in the community to help address the local issues. By the end of 2009, BP's total community investment in China exceeded US$12 million and BP's community practices have been recognized by "2007 Multinational Corporation with Utmost Core Competitiveness in China" Award jointly issued by UNEP and China International Institute of Multinational Corporations, and also "China's Best Corporate Citizenship Award" by 21st Century Business Herald and 21st Century Business Review for 5 consecutive years since 2004.


Closing Date
[ "08-Aug-2017" ]