Rig Assistant – COROD – Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, California
19 Nov 2016
10 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
A Weatherford COROD® Continuous Rod & Well Services Corig™ Level 1 Operator is responsible for learning the daily operations and maintenance of COROD equipment involved with servicing at a well site. The Corig™ Operator is to ensure that work is carried out in a safe manner while managing time appropriately. All service operations are to be conducted in compliance with Weatherford Corporate and the COROD product line policies and procedures.
Learn Corig™ Operations for the installation and servicing of well site equipment and the maintenance of COROD equipment as required.
Commit to working safely, learning and following procedures and practices as per Weatherford as well as customer specific safety regulations and COROD standard operating procedures and take responsibility for safety of all personnel on the job site.
Commit to driving safely, learning and following procedures and practices as per Weatherford fleet safety regulations and Country vehicle operator rules and regulations.
Learn how to maintain a clean work area including the customer's well site, all COROD equipment and the shop site.
Actively participate in continuous improvement by making suggestions for eliminating job site hazards and improving work procedures.
Learn to effectively manage and control costs during the execution of Corig™ operations.
Learn the effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear job/task appropriate PPE at all times. Maintain PPE in a clean and serviceable manner. Fully participate in pre-job safety activities and always consider risks associated with every task performed.
Participate fully, as directed, in all incident investigations.
Participate in scheduled safety performance meetings.
Attend customer safety meetings as required.
Ensure all regulatory and client specific safety training and certification is current and updated as required by the job role and work location. This may include but is not limited to Well Servicing/BOP, H2S, First Aid and CPR and Fall Arrest.
Learn to complete the COROD Site Hazard Assessment, the Job Hazard Analysis and work permits as required.
Learn to lead safety drills and meetings in a positive, efficient and effective manner.
Commit to learning, understanding and following all job/task procedures and to keep current as new procedures are released. 
Identify improvement opportunities and learn the organizational process for bringing these to management.
Report and follow up on all deficiencies with equipment or procedures.
Learn how maintain the Corig™ Operations Log Book, the Driver's Daily Log Book and the Trip Inspection Report Book ensuring compliance with regional, Weatherford and COROD requirements for COROD mobile equipment as required.
Learn how to maintain monthly fuel reports for COROD mobile equipment as required.
Learn the RADAR system and complete Weatherford RADAR cards as required.
Learn and understand the use of all tools and equipment used on the job site, their function and how to use/operate them in a safe manner.
Learn all Operational functions of the Corig™ per the Operation and maintenance manuals as well as other applicable documentation as required. Commit to operating the equipment as per procedures.
Learn to plan and coordinate Corig™ operations as required.
Following the lead of the senior operator, learn to supervise and mentor Corig™ assistants in the execution of Corig™ operations as required.
Learn the requirements of securing all COROD equipment when located away from a secure base.
Learn how to perform Corig™ operational maintenance and inspections as per schedule. When the Corig™ is assigned to a shop, assist maintenance personnel as required.
Periodically sign into EMPLOYEE connect to check for any outstanding courses or policies that have been assigned and complete them. 
Learn to troubleshoot problems with the mobile equipment or service operations.
Learn the responsibilities of the Operator to maintain tools and service equipment in order to provide a high level of customer service. 

Prior skill, knowledge and experience as a Corig™ Assistant and or experience operating other COROD equipment, and or previous well servicing experience.
Possess valid country/regional Vehicle Operator License applicable to the equipment, with a clean abstract.
Must have valid CDL-A  
Ability to perform basic computer functions as required
Working level of literacy. Must be capable of reading manuals and work instructions and understand the content.
Must reside in or near the Bakersfield CA area.  
Successful completion of secondary/high school education or equivalent.