Audit on GEOMATICS discipline and organization

Cstjf, France
17 Nov 2016
20 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Job Description
With rise of Big data, Data mining, Cloud Computing and Open source data, some acquisition and process techniques are democratizing:
  • extended use of drones for mapping and inspection purpose
  • use of satellite (positioning, imagery, meteorology)
  • 3D acquisition techniques (photogrammetry, laser scanner, mobile mapping, underground detection)
  • Processing and data management software (Web-GIS process, Building Information Model and Intelligent model)
  • Integration of sensor/data in GIS allowing real time remote monitoring
  • Virtual Reality
  • Accessing, representing and analyzing information in real time
  • Deliver all these technologies or components through an efficient IT infrastructure
All these components will fundamentally change the way Oil and Gas companies will work in the future with consequent amount of "cheap to acquire" data; therefore, the need for an entity able to provide centralized, reliable, intelligible and easily usable sets of data may appear profitable to TOTAL.
GEOMATICS can be defined as the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering of geographic information, or spatially referred information. This broad term applies both to science and technology, and integrates the more specific disciplines and technologies of geodesy, surveying, mapping, positioning, navigation, cartography, remote sensing, photogrammetry and geographic information systems, computer sciences .
We are convinced that TOTAL hoists among its teams some of the best worldwide specialists in GEOMATICS domain of the EP industry, highly motivated and fully dedicated to their company. However, we think all the tools might not be in place yet to take full advantage of and capitalize on this skilled and experienced workforce by easing communication and interactions between departments or specialties.
The aim of this project is to:
  • Get a better picture of current state of the art regarding the use of GEOMATICS in TOTAL
  • Propose potential improvement for extended use of GEOMATICS
  • Assess ratio cost/profits for TOTAL activities prior to any major investment or re-organization
The candidate shall :
  • Interview all metiers and specialty representatives as well as departments and divisions at EP level and in other branches about GEOMATICS
  • Benchmark typical geomatic organization in other major and small O&G companies
  • Draw a map of GEOMATICS activities and workflow in TOTAL EP and other branches
  • Analyze the current situation in terms of GEOMATICS with advantages and drawbacks
  • Analyze what would be the advantages and drawbacks between :
    • Having a GEOMATICS entity at a given level of the TOTAL organization
    • Spreading small GEOMATICS teams or specialists all over the EP organization
  • Propose and discuss alternatives in term of organization
  • The internship will take place in Pau for a 6 months duration and will start in March

Profile sought

Type de formation : école d'ingénieur
Niveau d'études : Master
Connaissances techniques : Bonne connaissance de la GEOMATICS
Connaissances linguistiques : Français courant - Anglais courant