Lead Engineer - Repair

05 Nov 2016
24 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
The Lead Engineer - Materials in repair development center GE P&W Engineering Bangalore will lead programs on advanced repair process characterization. He will work with senior staff to perform advanced characterization of serviced hardware from the field or repaired using processes under development to understand, optimize and scale up the processes for implementation.

Essential Responsibilities

• The Lead engineer will carry out advanced metallurgical characterization for different types of repair development projects.
• Be responsible for setting up and running advanced characterization equipment related to microscopy and X-ray Diffraction, such as the Field Emission Scanning electron microscope and related accessories, such as the EDAX, EBSD, Heating stage, X-ray diffraction, corrosion, mechanical testing and furnaces, for various projects related to repair development.
• Carry out coatings, welding, brazing, heat treatment and materials and manufacturing including and Additive manufacturing, qualifications to support service shops, in particular, located in the Middle East and Asia/ Australia regions, during repair of various gas turbine hot gas path and combustion components as well as components, such as buckets, nozzles, shrouds, combustion liner, transition piece etc.
• Characterization support for coatings development, additive manufacturing, Joining, Brazing developmental activities.
• Service shop activity support such as destructive metallurgical analysis of hardware for repairability assessment.
• Ability to work with Global teams in repair engineering, materials and process engineering, global research and service centres.
• Provide technical leadership to personnel supporting the assigned project.
• Document technical data generated by the assigned project consistent with engineering policies and procedures.
• Provide timely communications on significant issues or developments and Participate on teams assigned to address organizational initiatives and generic issues.
• Participate as a presenter or reviewer in technical and program reviews.
• Assure proper documentation of technical data generated for the assigned projects and/or tasks consistent with engineering policies and procedures


• M.Tech in Materials Science / Metallurgical Engineering or related discipline
• At least 6 years experience in hands on materials characterization including x-ray and electron microscopy
• Experience in leading programs involving materials and repair processes characterization (welding, coatings etc.)
• Experience dealing with power generation or aviation systems and hardware
• Expertise in Advanced Material Characterization techniques including electron microscopy, both usage as well as the fundamental principles
• Excellent knowledge of Metallurgy, especially physical metallurgy
• Excellent presentation and communication skills

Desired Characteristics

• Ph.D. in Materials Science / Metallurgy with strong expertise in advanced material characterization
• Strong fundamentals and expertise in microscopy
• Strong fundamental understanding of welding, brazing, coating, machining and laser deposition
• Strong fundamental understanding of damage evolution in high alloyed structural steels and Ni based superalloys including their manufacturing processes
• Green belt certified (for GE candidates)