Applications Engineer II – Open & Cased Hole Completion – Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield, California
03 Nov 2016
01 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Develops knowledge & Understanding in technical support for wct product lines, Advances knowledge in simple completion designs unsupervised. develops knowledge in Selection of correct elastomer & metallurgy for well completions, Unsupervised. Generates well completion diagrams/schematics unsupervised. Performs basic calculations, Hydraulic Modelling, hydrostatic calculations, Simple tube move, & Simple Torque & drag unsupervised. 
Advanced knowledge of basic oilfield math calculations including volumes, pressures, forces, and basic hydraulics.
Advanced knowledge of operations processes including but not limited to completions, remedial work overs, cementation and stimulation operations
Responsible to record and submits a daily/weekly activity report to relevant supervisor or system (e.g. Technical/Sales Manager/SharePoint) as part of training/competency/evidence under supervision
Proficient in OPMS (Operations Management System) documents and WPTS (Weatherford Performance Tracking System).
Proficient in locating relevant supporting documentation (e.g. Tech Units, Running Procedures) for performing well installations including SharePoint and the Weatherford Intranet.
Advanced knowledge in simple well completion designs, elastomer & metallurgy selection un- supervised
Advanced understanding of client's requirements and applies said knowledge to provide technical proposal/solution un-supervised.
Advanced  knowledge & understanding of wellbore dynamics calculations and tubing force analysis such as Tubing Movement, Torque and Drag and Tubing Stress analysis, un-supervised.
Liaise daily and provide support to Well Site Field Service Supervisor and or Engineering during operations, develops knowledge in the technical support role under supervision
Participates in morning rig calls and daily job analysis with clients under supervision
Basic knowledge in Engineering computations and estimates (burst, collapse, tensile, torque hanging capacity and swab & surge calculations). Develops experience with well performance modelling for existing and proposed wells using Industry related software.
Complete training plan as set out in the position within company guidelines.
Available on a 24 hours call basis to respond to customer needs.
Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.
Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.
Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job. 

Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Visio computer skills
Basic Oilfield Math, Pressures, Volumes, Basic Hydraulics
Valid driver's license (where applicable)
Good oral and advanced written communication skills
Self-motivated, self starter
Must be able to follow instructions
Able to work closely with fellow employees, team player
Able to demonstrate level 1 field operation competency
The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations.
Technical Writing
Graduate development program
1-3 years related field experience