Maintenance Engineer

Guangzhou, 中国
31 Oct 2016
03 Jan 2017
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
Job Description
  1. 遵守健康安全环保和质量要求,报告背离事件 并根据背离事件与未遂事件进行进 ; Comply with HSEQ requirements; Report deviation and improve based on the status of deviation and near miss;
  2. 负责工厂机械设备的维修;保证设备紧急维修执行率 100% 以上 ; Responsible for maintenance of the equipment s . Ensure the maintenance on time rate more than 85% and achieve the annual KPI target ;
  3. 生产设备的日常检查 ; Ensure routine inspection of the production equipment ;
  4. 为维修作业及工程项目提供机械专业技术支持; Support daily maintenance activities and projects in mechanical technology.
  5. 叉车管理 , 保障叉车 良好的状态 以满足生产的需求 ; Forklift management and maintenance, ensure good running status of forklift to meet the demand of the production.
  6. 执行 PM 计划 , 执行率达到 100% , 完善 TPM 和 5S 为精益生产打好基础 ; Ensure PM on time completion rate 100%, Improve TPM & 5S to lay a solid foundation for lean production;
  7. 协助经理建立 CMMS 设备管理系统所需的技术资料; Assist mamager to create technical data for CMMS system;
  8. 完成 ISO9001/14001/18001 以及 TS16949 的 要求采取的行动 ; Follow up the actions of ISO9001/14001/18001 and TS16949
  9. 负责特种设备 、安全保护装置 和计量设备的管理 , 登记 , 注册 , 校验 ; Responsible for management, registration, Validation of the Special equipment , safety interlock & Measurement equipment;
  10. 建立生产设备档案 , 制定和完善相关设备的运行 、 维修技术资料 ; Set up the equipment archives, Improve the technical data;
  11. 汇总维修部门每月维修单据并统计 , 分析相关 内容; Responsible for collecting the maintenance work orders monthly, record and analyze;
  12. 负责备件仓的盘点工作。与团队协作优化相关流程对备品安全库存进行有效管控 , 及时对备件安全库存进行评估和更新 .Responsible for spare part stock taking, and work with team to improve the relevant procedure to control the safety stock efficiently. Take charge of spare part safety stock review according the equipment technical status analyses.
  13. 协助经理管理三方团队 , 完善三方管理程序 ; Assist manager to manage the third party team, improve the management procedure of the third party.

Profile sought
  1. 四年以上工厂设备维护工作经历及一般机械零部件设计经验; More than 4 years working experience in maintenance and general mechanical parts designing.
  2. 机械制造或设计专业大 专以上工科学历 ; Major in mechanical, college graduate or above.
  3. 熟悉国家和当地关于维修及检测的法律法规; Extensive knowledge of State and local laws about maintenance and measurement.
  4. 在现场改善 , 预防性维修和精益上具有良好的知识和技能 将优先考虑; Good knowledge and skills in site improvement, PM, lean are preferred;
  5. 良好 的英语读写能力 ,包括 CAD 、 Excel 与 Word 的 良好的电脑操作技能 ; Good reading and writing English and good at computer operation including CAD and Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word