SDS Engineer Trainee - Secure Drilling Services

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
30 Oct 2016
20 Dec 2016
Oil and Gas
Contract Type
Full Time
To co-ordinate all technical and engineering aspects of the UBS activities during the project, in accordance with the Q&HSE procedures.
To provide project support and technical advice to client, drilling contractor and UBD / MPD operational personnel via the Project Manager.
To ensure that the requirements of the client are met with regards to reservoir and well control operations during the drilling of each well.
The main roles, include, but are not limited to the following:
  • The assistance of equipment rig up and rig down on each well under the guidance of the Supervisor.
  • To assist with various duties around the separation, fluid handling and transfer systems, ensuring that all procedures are followed in accordance with the safety precautions and practices taught.
  • To assist with and prepare all corrosion monitoring equipment under the guidance of the Supervisor.
  • To maintain a constant presence around the separation system and fluid handling systems, assisting with sampling and manual data recording.
  • To assist during the maintenance and system checks that will be performed on the UBS equipment under the guidance of the Supervisor.
  • To discuss all repair/maintenance and operating actions with the Supervisor for his regular assessment reporting required for Operator progression/promotion.
  • To advise and assist the Supervisor with any pre-activity safety meeting action points that should be discussed.
  • To fully learn and ensure the compliance of, and the implementation, of all Q&HSE procedures during the operational project activity.
  • To monitor the operation of the shutdown, choke manifold and separation activities only, not advisable to operate system components unless under the strict guidance of the Supervisor or a Senior Operator.
  • To assist in the notification and recording of needed / used consumables, in accordance with regular system checks during the drilling operations, ensuring that all relevant details are detailed and discussed reviewed by the Supervisor.