Data Scientist - Future Lab (m/f)

28 Oct 2016
14 Dec 2016
Contract Type
Full Time
  • Design data models for specific business problems related (for example) to real time IoT applications.
  • Work with experimental data, at first in batch or unstructured JSON objects which requires some scrubbing and cleaning
  • Perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) looking for patterns and fingerprints.
  • Test basic algorithms and analysis like box and whisker plots, Markov Chains, VAR and FFT.
  • Work with converting standard algorithms into fast, real time pipelining - for example using minimal python code in a PaaS environment like Google cloud platform.
  • Propose ways that the data source variables can be best scaled so apples are compared with apples, oranges with oranges etc.
  • Select and apply appropriate statistical methods, data mining and machine learning algorithms to address specific problems
  • Research latest state-of-the-art models and modelling techniques to be applied, participate in international and cross-industry expert exchange

  • PhD or master degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or related technical discipline and working experience as a data scientist
  • Extensive knowledge in statistics, machine learning, data mining and experimentation methodology
  • Track record of coding in R, Python or Java, hands-on experience in tools like MATLAB, or using NumPy or SciPy
  • Enjoy collaborating internationally and across cultural borders, willing to undertake international business travel
  • Flexible agile working is fine - talented single parent families with commitments cramped by the classic 9 to 5 are welcome. We focus on delivery not on clocking in and out of a building
  • Self-starter is a must- if you need micromanagement or are a micromanager you will feel an impending sense of vertigo like looking into an abyss - rather than a huge opportunity. Future Lab never assumes to know the future - so we don't have a map - but our people have enough operative, veteran experience to know the best directions into the future unknown.
  • Fluent in German and English

What we offer
At the E.ON Future Lab, we analyze and develop new products, services or technologies addressing new markets as well as new solutions and business models to disrupt ourselves. You will be joining a cross functional team of experts who possess significant academic qualifications across a broad spectrum from marketing to mathematics, computer science to embedded hardware. Each member of Future Lab has a proven track record of launching products, creating intellectual property and personally brings deep connections into the relevant business such as technology companies to help us win business intelligence before it is generally talked about on the internet.
We define information from the internet as "too late". You will be surrounded by people who have a passion for discovering the next big things and work to objectively prove these quantitatively by building and testing proofs of concept. Out of the lab we will discover specific asynchronous asset-less or decentralized business models to improve the freedom and lives of our customers.
Flexible agile working is fine - talented single parent families with commitments cramped by the classic 9 to 5 are welcome. We focus on delivery not on clocking in and out of a building.