Service Continuity Manager

15 Oct 2016
03 Nov 2016
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Contract Type
Full Time
The IT Service Continuity Manager is responsible for managing risks that could seriously impact IT services.
  • He ensures that the services are provided to the minimum agreed service levels in cases of disaster, by reducing the risk to an acceptable level and planning for the recovery of IT services.

Essential Responsibilities

  • ITSCM Support, to make sure that all members of IT staff with responsibilities for fighting disasters are aware of their exact duties, and to make sure that all relevant information is readily available when a disaster occurs.
  • Design Services for Continuity, to design appropriate and cost-justifiable continuity mechanisms and procedures to meet the agreed business continuity targets. This includes the design of risk reduction measures and recovery plans.
  • ITSCM Training and Testing, to make sure that all preventive measures and recovery mechanisms for the case of disaster events are subject to regular testing.
  • ITSCM Review, to review if disaster prevention measures are still in line with risk perceptions from the business side, and to verify if continuity measures and procedures are regularly maintained and tested.
The IT Service Continuity Manager is responsible for ensuring that the objectives of the ITSCM process are met. His responsibilities will include:
  • Undertaking Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and risk management exercises for both existing and new service,
  • Implementing and maintaining the ITSCM process and continuity strategy and maintaining the alignment with business continuity planning,
  • Preparing and maintaining the continuity and recovery plans and ensuring that these continue to support the organization's Business Continuity Strategy and plans,
  • Regularly testing the plans for effectiveness, reviewing the results and taking action to overcome any identified deficiencies,
  • Ensuring that any personnel who have a role in transitioning from one location to another are fully trained and aware of their responsibilities,
  • Managing third-party suppliers of recovery equipment and facilities to maintain the integrity of the continuity and recovery plans,
  • Attending Change Advisory Board (CAB) meetings as required and assessing changes for their impact on the plans and updating the plans accordingly,
  • Managing the continuity plan during invocation and restoring the service back to the primary or other designated facility.


  • Knowledgeable of standard IT processes (e.g., ITIL).
  • Experience working with hosting and infrastructure providers.
  • Understanding of capability and availability management and associated measurement tools and techniques. Experience of undertaking system risk assessments and identification of countermeasures. Experience in testing IT contingency plans.
  • Leadership and Change Management: Actively seeks opportunities to contribute as a team member, Prioritises own work to ensure objectives are met, Ensures own active involvement in generating team ideas and innovation.
  • Demonstrates effective communication of availability, capacity and IT risk identification and mitigation issues to business managers, IT staff and others.
  • Displays confidence when dealing with stakeholders and users of the IT systems.
  • Demonstrates the ability to discuss and clarify user requirements on a regular basis.
  • Analysis and Use of evidence : uses available tools to identify, analyse and report on availability and capacity and ensures that decisions are based on clear evidence.
  • Demonstrates effective use of written and verbal communications skills.

Desired Characteristics

  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (or equivalent in knowledge/experience),
  • Strong large scale ERP project experience
  • ITIL Expert certification or similar